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  1. Heh-heh... Funny that... But no... Although I like that tactic of 'removing the obstacles', and it was one of the things I would've liked soo much to be in TSL, I very much doubt that someone would go so far as to make a Lightdagger... It's just not Star Wars... ish... Not SW at all... As it was said, the Lightsabre is more of a symbol and less of a weapon. And would definately not be considered as a mere tool of sith assassins (I can't even imagine a Jedi wielding such a... thing)... And that is was this lightdagger sounds like... Heh, I can hardly stand the short lightsabre... T
  2. Did I mildly enjoy playing it? Yes. Was I satisfied with the game overall? No. Especially not by what would seem to have been meant as a bleak pseudo-mystical parody of a brief cut of an ending... Hmm... And now I dread the thought that NWN 2 might end up being the same... Fingers crossed...
  3. *chuckle* Why? Because it's a pop movie/brand made in Hollywood... USA... by George Lucas... and a bunch of marketologists... Scary, isn't it? And no, I don't see the point in arguing about something that's just a product of one's imagination... ^_^
  4. Hmm... I think I've found the answer here... (spoilers alert!) When we arrive on Korriban Kreia tells us why she doesn't want to leave the Ebon Hawk, - because she can't "center" herself there (with all the Dark Side influsence on the planet). So I guess it's the same reason for those adjustments, since if you go back on-board the Ebon Hawk the adjustments go away. Heh, a nice touch there... And here I thought it was a bug...
  5. I just noticed that I somehow have a +1 adjustment to all Universal Powers as well as an added +1 to DS Powers (with a +3 Cha modifier Force Storm costs 33 instead of 32), while the reducing adjustments for the LS Powers stayed the same. And this isn't only for my character, but for the other Force-wielding party members, as well (unknown for one of them, since I'm on Korriban). Could someone explain what the hell is going on? Screenshot (small spoiler)
  6. Hmm... Not good... Does anyone, at least, know what that bonus is supposed to be (how many points), and if there's any way to fix it manually (some kind of save game editor or the like)?
  7. Well, as most here would know, at some point Kreia gets an option to teach you a bit about skills - the greatest and the weakest - telling you to raise that weakest skill and come back to her. And so I did... I chose Repair as my greatest skill and Security as the weakest (playing LS Consular/JM). Then gained a level, raising both those skills. Came back to Kreia for a blessing. I get a screen telling me that I received a bonus to those skills and maximum Force points... But when I look up those skills, - they haven't bloody changed! So, umm, is that a glitch (done this several times,
  8. Cheers. After browsing Bio's NWN forums, I've found the answer. Although it doesn't work as Squidget posted in that thread, Weiser_Cain. That line (Disable Intro Movies=1) must go into nwn.ini under [Display Options] portion. No more annoying intros here. Yay for the config files tinkers!
  9. I'm tired of constantly clicking away at every NWN start-up to skip those annoying intros. I did it all through NWN OC, SoU and now HotU, and now I think enough is enough. I remember someone mentioned that one could add a line in one of the NWN config files to disable those intros, but I can't remember where or who it was. So does anyone know how to do it?
  10. A good... night (where I am) to you, too, sir/miss/ma'am. Oh, and welcome.
  11. The best proof of extraterrestrial intelligent species' existance is that none of them contacted humans yet...
  12. Yenneh - Cape Town Duval - Una Vez Futique - The farther we go Stade - Stadium Yoshihiro Hanno & Mick Karn - Lunette Rollercone - Unforgettable move Shantel - La mouche lumiere Moodorama - Jazz tip LB - Thatness and thereness Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd - Embers Then there's: Jimi Tenor - Theme sax Patrick Pulsinger - City lights pt. 2 (City of starsign) Hunch - Is this the place Workshop - I wish I had you Vango Noir - On the sly Planet Jazz - Mucho chocolate Sapien - Gato de oro The Deep Child - Sierra RHC fe
  13. (My take on tatoos:) Tatoo is something that signifies a person, his/her personality, something he/she can relate to. But it's static, while I find myself ever changing and 'evolving', and my interests change. So I couldn't put a mark on my body that wouldn't hold anything to me in a couple of years or even sooner. So sticking with a single interest for the rest of my life isn't my kind of thing. Heh, yes, I know, you asked who has a tatoo. My vague explanation why I don't is sort of irrelevant, but I just couldn't hold myself. ^_^
  14. Yep, you live up to it. ^_^ But, as you said, it's about Gromnir here... so I'll be on my way...
  15. If it wasn't a joke then you sure live up to what people say about you around here... Still, I do hope it was a joke... Not the best one around... but anyway...
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