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  1. EB Games/Gamestop just changed the release date on their site this morning. It's now listed there as "October 27th" as well. Short of a flat out statement from a dev, I'd say the delay is as confirmed as it can get. Like others have said its a real bummer that AP and Dragon Age: Origins are grouped so closely together. I think that can only work against AP's chances when it comes to sales. DA:O has been all over the place on gaming sites lately, and I think a lot more people are aware of it than Alpha Protocol.
  2. I just got an email from Amazon alerting me that the release date for AP was delayed until October 27. Has anyone with a preorder got a similar email or can one of the devs comment?
  3. I'm back. And I have to say I totally agree with Volourn. This game outshines KOTOR in every way. And not just because I'm a Wuxia fanboy (btw, JE has blown the last of my entertainment budget for the month, so now I can't get the House of Flying Daggers DVD I still think it will be worth it though.) The game beats KOTOR graphically, in terms of inventory management, combat-wise and strength of storyline. The lack of customization doesn't really bother me (PST had even less customization) and it is true that the subquests in later chapters greatly expand the game length. It's still not going to be $1=1 hr of gametime, but I reckon I should get about 28 hours out of my first gameplay. And considering my first runs on KOTOR and K2, that sounds about right to me. EDIT: Finished a random thought I had there.
  4. My dogs are scratching at the door and prancing around so I figure it's a pretty good opportunity to take a short break and post a few initial impressions through the end of the first chapter of Jade Empire. I'll go into my two gripes first, to get them out of the way. First, I have to say I hope the game isn't this short through the whole game. If you figure there is seven chapters in the game and the first chapter took me just over three hours to complete, I'm looking at a 21 hour game, doing the sidequests that easily present themselves as I follow the main quest. I have heard the sidequests get longer as you go deeper into the game- I'll let you know as it happens. Secondly, the camera goes schizo sometimes. During combat if you get backed into a corner, you're going to get smacked around because the cameras doesn't see through corners. Getting away from that, I can say without hesitation, gameplay and story-wise, this is the best Bioware game I've played since BG2. The graphics really push the limit of what the Xbox is capable of. The blockyness of KOTOR is gone, as is the dull colors. Jade Empire's world is bright and beautiful. Without a doubt it is the prettiest RPG I've ever played. Moving on, I have to say, I really like the whole No Inventory idea implemented in the game. I was unsure when I heard the only inventory items would be the Dragon Amulet gems, but given the choice between KOTOR's system and JE's, I'd go JE all the way. The storyline has been a bit simple so far, but there have been some very intriguing hints at what is to come. I really had to tear myself away to take the dogs out and I'm kind of hurrying through this impressions to get back into it. The characterization and voice acting is better than KOTOR so far too. Almost every character has a story and there seems to be hidden depths that I assume I'll only be able to plumb through conversation. The morality system seems to work a little better too. I mean, there's a clear demarcation between Open Palm and Closed Fist, but it's definitely a move away from the 'Dark Side=Hooligan' approach that KOTOR took. The choices you make are about strength. It actually sort of reminded me of the way Kreia would lay things out for you in K2, and considering she was my favorite part of K2, I like it. A final note about combat. Greg Kasavian was right that it is extremely easy to follow a pattern to beat most enemies. Fast attacks until they put up the shield, then strong attack. That pretty much deals out the death to most foes. It's more fun to mix moves and styles and flips and jumps and see how they all go together. That way, combat became less repetitive and there are so many ways to put together moves and attacks to create almost fighting-game style combos. Besides, as a Wuxia fanboy, I take a perverse joy in doing a whole bunch of flips and jumps and doing my best 'badly-dubbed taunts' voice while dishing out the hurt that so far, combat has been fun. I think my final score will definitely depend on the length, because right now, this is looking like it's going to be definitely too short, but if I can get 35 hours out of it, it may replace Arcanum as my thrid favorite RPG of all time. Well, I'm getting back to the game. I'll give everyone some more later.
  5. Well, I just got the game from my friendly neighborhood Fedex man so, after I get a few hours in, I'll post a few impressions. (I need to take breaks to take my St. Bernard dogs out anyway.) I find I tend to rely on people from messageboards like this one to form my purchase decisions regarding games as opposed to 'professional' reviewers. Of course, my opinion is probably going to be instantly discredited after I reveal that I was one of the three people who enjoyed TOEE, and Arcanum is one of my top three RPGs of all time, but what can you do?
  6. I voted Bioware- just because it should give closure to the whole Revan thing and that involves most of K1's cast-which OE didn't seem to want to handle. Incidentally does anyone have any ideas on the console RPG game that Bioware is working on using the UnReal engine that is being done after Dragon Age? Could it possibly be KOTOR3?? I mean, it would cover the whole issue of a new engine as well as redesigning combat... And it will follow two original IPs from Bioware (Jade Empire and Dargon Age) so maybe they're going back to a 'safe' project after that. I'd say it's a strong possibllity.
  7. Where does one obtain this 'special' modification? This, I have to see!!
  8. I'm on my second playthrough (trying the characters I didn't have much use for the first time) any advice for influence on G0T0, Hanharr, and HK-47??
  9. When do you meet Carth for a LS Revan? Is it on the first visit to the Citadel Station, or after you fight off the Sith invasion?
  10. Okay, so I finished the game and beyond seeing the Disciple report to Carth at the end of Dantooine, the vision of Revan on Korriban, and the message left on T3-M4's memory banks by Bastila. My character has not actually met any of them. Is this ever possible? I'd think that you'd least meet Carth on the Citadel Station. My Revan was DS Male and I was LS male, if that helps.
  11. YES!!!! This is what I've always wanted the Chronicles to be! Nice one (w00t)
  12. I haven't actually bought a video game from the store since the original KOTOR. I find it to be much less hassle for me to order it from Gamestop and just wait the two days shipping, rather than worry about driving 30-45 minutes after a bloody awful day of work to either Wal-Mart or EB Games. Plus, I don't have to deal with people which is ALWAYS a plus for me. Anyway, my copy of K2 and The Bard's Tale (which my gf got me for Xmas) just arrived in Columbus Ohio so I think I'll have it tomorrow morning. Then, well, tomorrow might very well be the Friday on my work week.
  13. That's all I needed to read. :ph34r: :ph34r:
  14. I think that OE has realized this in building the game...hence Atton's "I have a bad feeling about this" whenever something comparably threatening comes up. The audience seeking a hardcore RPG experience is sadly not sufficent enough to warrant a truly challenging RPG any more.
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