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  1. Y'know, I was thinking about the Yuuzhan Vong in relation to the "True Sith" at one point... Perhaps I'm mistaken about something, but, as I recall, the Yuuzhan Vong's backstory, according to The New Jedi Order, was... What I'm going to say would depend on how long before The New Jedi Order that supposedly occured. Y'see, I was thinking...if some of the "Ancient Sith" survived the war with the Galactic Republic those many years ago and fled to the Unknown Regions, perhaps that group's culture -- while maintaining the philosophies of the Sith -- changed and evolved such ov
  2. The deaths of the three Jedi Masters on Dantooine. Kreia's actions surprised me a great deal. I knew there was more to her than there appeared to be and that she was even somehow associated with the Sith, of course...mainly because of her reviving Hanharr on Nar Shaddaa, telling him to hunt down Mira, and Colonel Tobin on Onderon, telling him she was "with General Vaklu" and allowing him to return to his "master" with information about Atris' academy on Telos. Her interaction with some of the other party members, too, led me to suspect... So, I had a suspicion that there would be a plot tw
  3. Maybe it is Nal Hutta and they simply got the color wrong for that background, or that planet's just a nameless planet in Nal Hutta's system? It didn't seem like Goto's Yacht had gone very far from Nar Shaddaa, so it couldn't be something completely different and significant...
  4. Still, G0-T0 being the one responsible for the HK-50s' production, as well as the events of HK-47's infiltration of the Droid Factory, were only in content which didn't ultimately make it into the game. Because of this, it may not actually apply so much, as far as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III could be concerned. I remember reading somewhere online that there was a brief magazine article a few months after the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords in which it was said that the next sequel would "further explore the HK-50 subplot". Assuming G0-T0
  5. I seem to recall there being some dialogue (cut from the game and found on the disc) revealing that G0-T0 was in fact behind the HK-50 series after all. I guess they really were created simply to track down and capture the Exile.
  6. "NJO" refers to the specific series of nineteen novels, called The New Jedi Order. It's the Yuuzhan Vong invasion time period. I'm assuming that's what the thread creator meant.
  7. I don't think I would agree with this. Kreia was a bitter and tragic individual, but her affection and admiration for the Exile ultimately seemed geniune to me and an important element of her character, and certainly deeper than one based on nothing but "scientific observation". In any case, I think people also tend to oversimplify the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords when they go to analyze Kreia's character. In the case of, say, the deaths of the Jedi Masters, you can't just mention the final outcome and Kreia's general response (or level of participati
  8. Well, personally, I don't really like the idea that the Jedi Masters had fallen to the Dark Side of the Force. All that would do is further promote an "everyone is either good (true Jedi) or evil (true Sith) and nothing else" point of view, which would appear to be the opposite of what this game was trying to convey otherwise. I just think it was more interesting that the Jedi Masters really were Jedi Masters (as opposed to "Dark Jedi"), but that that still neither made them automatically "right" somehow nor made them infallible.
  9. The quote said "mediocre Jedi" there, though, which would mean that it wasn't necessarily a reference to the Exile's power or combat prowess so much as it was to his personality and the more spiritual side of his Jedi Knighthood. The context was there, after all, with "lust for power" and "will lead to the dark side" popping in right after. Really, "average student of the Force" could have been said with that very same meaning. Being a Jedi has frequently been expressed to be more than simply mastering one's use of and sensitivity to the Force. Spiritual and moral aspects of the Jedi Order
  10. Well, to be honest, I wasn't referring to your choices of Ziost and Khar Delba (I haven't actually heard of those worlds), so much as the inclusion of Alderaan and Sleheyron on your list. Personally, I've been thinking of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III taking place in the Unknown Regions for more than just its finale, and I think it would be more interesting to take such an opportunity to allow players to explore planets never before seen or heard of, rather than simply visiting worlds which fans of the Expanded Universe are already familiar with (like Alderaan or Sleheyron).
  11. Well, "known about", maybe, but not necessarily spoken of or visited on any frequent basis. As I recall, flying through uncharted regions of space was said to be dangerous. So, even if characters like Revan and the Exile venture out there once, the worlds they visit might not exactly become hot tourist spots thereafter. Particularly true with Revan and the Exile, since their "war" has become one of relative shadow and secrecy. It wasn't as though they had a huge following of Galactic Republic troops and explorers going with them. The "Unknown Planet" from the first game was located in the
  12. Wouldn't that list of planets ignore the fact that Revan and the Exile went into the Unknown Regions, though? Personally, I was thinking it'd be more interesting if Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III took the "Unknown Regions" opportunity to allow for the player to visit planets potentially never before even seen or spoken of in the rest of the Expanded Universe, rather than simply going to already-known worlds within the boundaries of the rest of the Expanded Universe's exploration.
  13. That wasn't entirely what I was referring to. Did you bother to converse with the other party members at all? Kreia had several things to say about Revan long before the final exchange, as did Atton Rand, Bao-Dur, Disciple, Mandalore, HK-47, T3-M4 (sort of, through its hologram messages), and even G0-T0. The Jedi Masters (including Master Atris) may have had some words to offer about the character as well, but I don't recall in their case. Even the Exile's dialogue options at various points throughout the game mentioned -- and offered insight on -- Revan's character. Are you ignoring that
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