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  1. *nods head as if knowing what they are talking about*yes,ofcourse,thats just what I was about to inform him about. :cool: " :ph34r:
  2. if I made tactical blunders. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> and the award for most reoccuring action goes to...! "
  3. Unless Sidious is even older than he lets on he wasn't in the jedi civil war.
  4. It's allllll for the wookies. :cool:
  5. that was good,not to mention pink five strikes back.
  6. I bet you anything a game where you spend 12 consecutive hours of trying to figure out and than implement multiple ways of torturing,maiming,mauling,burning,scraping,killing,slashing or any other means of pain towards Jar Jar would be an automatic best seller.
  7. I was thinking the same thing,Flatus,wookies are just as intelligent as a human,well,most of them are anyway,the only difference is that they are less of technology and more of nature,whereas we are more technology than nature.and besides,I'd be using a lightsaber with that wookie strength whether I was a jedi r not. :ph34r: (w00t) "
  8. I also discovered after a few games through that you can bash the panel and bam,door opens.
  9. I use xbox and the airspeeder trick doesn't work,so I use the korriban tomb trick.
  10. I wasn't raving,I was just pointing out something I didn't notice before.
  11. yes,you are the greatest moron of the millenia,you,Baley,are the chosen one,you shall bring balance to the intellectuals of this day and age,come forth Baley,and meet your destiny,and at noon we're having coffee with your past,you can swing by if you want.
  12. I don't think Nihilius would be real content with you just nuking his ass from Telos To Tattooine,he wants a good ol kickin,same with Sion,now with Kreia,this gimped old hag is fighting in the middle of a bottomless pit,one good force wave would do the trick,and if Sion did it to her when she was the big dog of the sith and I just beat Sion,I'd bet you could force wave her off the edge...just like palpsy. :ph34r:
  13. urban warfare,lots of tiny soldiers,dual lightsabers...four words: "Hail To The King." I could just picture a DS exile going up the hill to the guys sticking the flag in the hill(cannot remember what they named that event) and shoving a lightsaber through his gut right before he plants the flag.
  14. Pong had those awesome graphics,and they say DOOM 3 has good graphics. the thought of being allowed to smack the hell out of a small bouncy creature is the closest thing(for now)to getting the satisfaction of beating up Jar-Jar Binks,and that alone should give pong the 1#
  15. Battle Front Republic Commando Bounty Hunter Dark Forces(ok,so there are some jedi but you use blasters,so nyah nyah.)
  16. I still think that wookies could be jedi. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There have indeed been wookie jedi,there was actually one on the jedi council pre-exar kun wars(bindo's lookin pretty young now,huh?)
  17. I believe Thrawn held superior tactical expertise,because many many times he can very closely predict what his enemy will do,Revan was good at adaptation,while Thrawn was used to preparing for the most logical strategy to be used against him,and yes,all the Revan votes are not for his tactitians mind,they are all for the mask(it was hard not to vote for him myself)
  18. Hmm... Bastila, Carth, and Revan... so you agree that Revan needs to be a female! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Bastila,Mission and Revan. (w00t)
  19. the clones are made from jangos dna,mandalorians are not all clones.
  20. Baley is an interesting creature,he is loveable like a person loves a retarded person,yet he is an intellectual,he is the pinnacle,yet the failing,of all evolution.
  21. same,except I also wanna see how they handle dialogues and the like.
  22. I haven't finished that one yet,actually.
  23. toughest would probably be Hanharr,what with him killing off the jedi masters more or less alone in Freedon Nadd's tomb.
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