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  1. Like Wild Storm posted, the fate of the jedi relics is said. I have played the game through fifteen differnt times and it always said the same thing. Granted that i would like to know what happend or happens to Jolee in the the third installment of the game (does anyone know who is making it?). Anyways, Jolee did not collect the holocrons. Personally i think he either died or got left on the rakatan homeworld by Revan.
  2. If you are still having trouble, go to the options menu and turn the gameplay down to easy. This dramtically lowers how much damage they do to you and you will be able to beat them.
  3. I would go to war with the Mandolorians to proect the millions of innocents that needed the protection. As for following Revan and Malak.... I would join them in the fight but I would be my own commander. Just becuase Revan was a great tactician and startigiest does not mean everyone followed him. Some went for the glory of the battle while others went to war for hatred. Some also went to protect the people. I would not allie myself with him afterwards as I believe he could have won over the republic and the entire Jedi order without a single blow if he had just explained what the true threat to the galaxy was. After the end of the Mandolorian wars I would return like the Exile did and face judgement if needed, but under no cercumstances would I let them take my saber!
  4. For some reason, when I get into a battle with more then two creatures or charecters (or a big creature like the laigrek on Dxun) my xbox will sometimes slow down to 0.5 frames per second, and sometimes it skips the entire battle. I will enter it a full health facing a bunch of sith soliders and then the battle will suddenly be over, my charecter will be halfway across the room and I will have some if not all of my partys health gone. Can anyone tel me whats wrong and how to fix it?
  5. OK. Sorry i misread your last post, been spacing out lately. thanks for the info, i'll give it a try.
  6. But i just finished using a LS female and i did not get it. Is there any specific dialog you have to unlock with one of the pary members?
  7. How do I get the message from carth after the ravager?? I can't remember if this has been posted before so bear with me please. I have played through the game four times and havent been able to get that last conversation with carth. How do I get it? If someone else knows, please infrom me.
  8. No matter what,the exile follows reven into the unknown regions, you just get the choice of staying on M5 a little longer even though they don't show it, or going to the unknown regions. I belive that Obsidan will release KOTOR III for the PC and the XBOX 2. They perpossfully leave somany unaswered questions after the game ends that it would be a crime not to make a third edition. (Besides, Star wars has a thing with trilogy's)
  9. I am dissapointed that this game has so many glitches. Don't get me wrong I love the game (beat it four times) but the gliches annoy me. the main one i don't like is the lagging part during most of the battles. My Xbox has slowed down to 0.5 frames per second on some of the more Larger battles and I tired of it. Does anyone have any idea when Obsidian will relase a patch for the Xbox version???
  10. To duplicate a Lightsaber, equip Visas on the ebon hawk with a Lightsaber. Go to the work bench and select that lightsaber. select the color crystal and change it then assemble. Select the same crstal again but dont change it and dont assemble. exit out of the workbench, save your game and reload it. You should have an extra saber in our inventory after this. :D (this should be right,if it doesnt work go to gamefaqs.com and check it our for yourself).
  11. Vader could still take both Revan and Palpatine no matter what. I guess i'm just a hardcore vader fan. Anyways, I do agree the palpatine acomplished the most in the way og controlling most of the galaxy. And no he did not kill the old Jedi order, it was it's own members fault for withdrawing and abandoning it.
  12. I personally belive that they will have the player start out as a new jedi sent to find the exile or Reven or both. hopefully this time the player will start out with a Lightsaber.
  13. I know the glitch with the arkside dragons in the tomb, but how the hell do you regenerate force points in that place besides passing the tests?? And whats up with the fight with Reven? Ieve played the game four times trhough and just got the players guide. It says that after you defeat the vision of Darth Reven you can search the remians to find bastillias lightsaber. And where do you find Vissa's or malaks Lightsabers? It is so frustrating that this guide tells you about many items and yet you can never get them. Is the guide made from the PC version or are there just that many glitches??
  14. Everyone knows what sdious and Reven both did. While Sidious did manage to take control of the galaxy, the Jedi were not wiped out, and Sidious did not triumph over Yoda or Mace. Yoda coud easilly kick Sidious ass in a contest of Lightsaber skills of force powers. Sidious is no match fr mace and he knew it. He just le Anikin kill him to turn him to the darkside otherwise he would have lost. While most of the jedi were killed, a lot did survive and went into hidding. I've read all the stories and I belive that at least a few hundred survived, if not a full thousand. The jedi order was not wiped out dispite what Yoda and Obi-one say in the movies. Any ways, I belive that Vader is the Greatist Sith Lorad and not Revan or Sisious. While Reven was cunning, he was fighting one war to only get ready for another. If he had been smart, he would have brought evidence to the JEdi council of this threat so they could face it. While Sisious did mange to conquer the republic, he did not take over the galaxy. the empire only controlled a large portion of it. Darth Vader meanwhiles, had the balls to order the destruction of many planets and countless millions while standing in orbit over those planets if not standing amoung his enemys. He showed no mercy and he had fun while doing it. Sidious was a little punk who cloned himself to many times for his own good. Reven was power, but he never fully harnessed that power. Like GO-TO says, it leaves a lot of questions and no answers with Revens leaving to the unkonwn regions.
  15. I know this has been asked before but I can't find it. If anyone knows how, can you tell me how to duplicate the Lighsabers?
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