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  1. In the ending, when Kreia is about to die, she gives the exile three choices, 1. Stay at Malachor V (Follow Raven) 2. Leave Malachor V 3. GO back into exile. But when the part of the reply comes, only two choices: 1. Follow Raven 2. Leave Why is that so? Anyway, even if I chose Follow Raven, nothing happens, and I still apparently leave Malachor V. Coomments???
  2. Hi, am new here. Just completed the male LS charecter. My feeling is the exile and Nihilious have something in common. Both are described as entities that feed on force sensitives. I think Darth Nihilous is the exile in the future, if he takes the dark side. That's why one of his objective is to destroy Nihilious. THat's why when Visas took off his mask, she won't tell exile who she saw behind the mask.
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