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  1. I hope they replace the movies like "Sions arrival at Peragus" and "The betrayal on Kreia" with ingame cutscenes. They look better than any hi-res movie and are not as big (mb size) as the .bik-files.
  2. @Kalfear Okay, i just wrote down my expierences with K1 compared to K2 and you teared apart (to use your own words) my post. You said that i wrote down "false stuff" about K2 which isn't the truth. But youre right - its all about personal preferences. There is no need to start a lightsaber-fight. Well, Visas is definitely the hottest KotOR-female but thats one of the reasons why i was so disappointed about her ... i wanted to hear more about her past life ..... her planet and her story (like Juhani). But most of the stuff she has to say is about her master and you can read almost all of it when she joins the party. And YES - K1 took me almost 18 hours more than K2 - maybe its because the foreign people had more to say in K1 .... i never skip dialouges and i talk with everyone i meet in the games. So stop tellin me its unrealistic.
  3. Its stuff like this I just dont get. K2 was a larger game, the storylines were less linear then K1. So how do you explain taking 18 extra hours on K1? I mean if you liked K1 more thats fine, say that and no one should take exception as both were great games. But to say K1 takes 18 hours (minimum ) more is just wrong. Thats like saying JE takes 40+ hours to play. I truely wish people would stop this stuff. It's a fact. K1 took me almost 50 hours to finish, K2 about 32. If you like K2 more thats fine but don't say it's wrong .... i can send you the final savegames if you don't believe. hmmmm interesting. Since K1 and K2 were almost identical in combat (K2 was slightly harder but nothing that warrents any real distinction), im wondering how you came to this conclusion? Again, just say you liked K1 more, dont make up false reasons to validate your opinion. Take a look to some rpg forums ... there are a lot of people who agree with me. Ever heard of the force bugs? Ever heard of the Rebalance or Hardcore mod? There is a reason why these mods are made. its a fact is it? Wow, I must have missed that memo since both games use the EXACT same engine and graphics!!!! ROFLMAO! Again, just say you liked K1 more, dont make up false reasons to validate your opinion. OMG just take a look. Install K1 again .... play it and then play K2. You really need glasses if you don't see the difference. It's the same engine, yeah, this is why i do not understand the worse graphics (less effects). I don't care if a game is made by Obsidian or Bioware or EA or whatever. There is no reason for me to tell "false stuff" about K2 .... i waited for this game since i finished K1 for the first time. I had a lot of fun playing it. But K1 was better in my opinion .... i am tired of people who can't stand criticism on their favourite game.
  4. I enjoyed K1 much more than K2 and noooo .... i am not a bioware fanboi (NWN sucked " ) K2 disappointed me because : *not enough sidequests (most quests are storyline related or solved in 10 min.) *lame quests e.g. the murder case on Onderon .... its story related & absolute linear. The murder case in K1 on Manaan (when Bindo is in the party) was just a sidequest and much better scripted. *a lot of boring partymembers (Bao Dur, Visas, G0t0 ...) There were always new partymember-conversations unlocked in K1 during the whole game. In K2 there are always the same conversation options again and again or they have nothing to say because of the influence system. *playtime My first playthrough took me about 32 hours with most of the quests done. In K1 it took me almost 50 hours and there were a lot of unsolved/undiscovered sidequests. *the ending I don't have to say much more hu? What's the sense of the influence system when they cut out all the scenes where your actions (and influence) takes effect? *bugs I had no major bugs in K1 and K2 (lucky one) but i noticed that there are much more open ended quests in K2 than in K1. By the way ..... i never patched K1 - there was no need for me. *combat Too unbalanced *graphics It's a fact .... K1 looks better than K2. You don't think so? Take a look at HK47 or some of the alien textures. The planet surfaces and interiors too. *music I loved the K1 score .... don't know why the K2 is so lame imo. It's the same componist or not? Well, just a matter of taste. K2 is a good game but its no more fun to play if you know what they cut out. I hope Obsidian will make the third KotOR with enough time to show their skills. I also hope the restoration team will be succesfull.
  5. There is a special secret trick to play K2 as Revan ... Create a new character and give him the name "Revan" It works .... its just strange that all the people are talking about you in the third person. They say you are seeking the truth in the unknown regions .... maybe a bug!
  6. There was this animation with Atris and Nihilus ... a lightsaber moved to the right and there was Atris ... the saber moved to the left and nihilus appeared .... i thought Atris would be a partymember and Nihilus would be her DS outfit if you play the game DS ..... something like that.
  7. There are a lot of nice mods on pocketplane .... i remember the BG2 Banter Pack and all the NPCs ..... but thats out of topic
  8. KotOR 3 "Revan Returns" or "The End" ?!?!?! A serious game company would never release a KotOR sequel with such a silly title ..... just a rumour ....
  9. It is not changing the plot ... its just adding some cut content back. But some of this content includes deathscenes for partymembers who could appear in KotOR 3 cause they survived in the official ending of KotOR2. But this is not very likely imo. It would surprise me if even the exile appears in KotOR 3.
  10. My thought (everyone who READ my post should know) was that maybe Revan was supposed to be a main character in K2. But they dropped the idea and made Nihilus instead. I know there is 0% possibility that Revan is Nihilus .... i am not an idiot. But who knows ... there could have been a original plot with Revan drifted to the dark side while (s)he was on malachor v (there is a cut dialouge with kreia on malachor where you can ask her why Revan was on malachor). Maybe (s)he meet kreia on MV for a special purpose. Revan and Sion turned against Kreia and she left Malachor with the Ebon Hawk (the ship which Revan used). This would explain how Kreia got in possesion of the Ebon Hawk. Obsidian could have changed the plot cause it would be very cheap to KotOR1 player to see Revan DS again if they finished it LS. It's just a theory .... not very likely but there are so many plotholes in K2 and the comments in the game like "Revan is in the unknown regions" sound cheap and unsatisifying to me .... like a last minute contingency plan explanation for Revans disposition. *oooph*
  11. I HATE the ending ... it ruins the whole game experience .... it's like watching LotR "the return of the king" without the scenes at mount doom. But there is still hope Restoration Project
  12. The day when the restoration mod is released is some kind of an unofficial KotOR2 release day imho. "
  13. I don't think Bioware did not developed K2 because LA allowed no gay romance ... Bioware had to throw away a lot of great Story Elements in past games because of the license owners (Star Wars, AD&D) so they are able to stand restrictions. It's just a rumour imo ....
  14. The attached screenshot made me laughing so hard i almost started to cry :D "
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