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  1. I believe it was Helena. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...helena! thats the one!
  2. yes but you can reply by saying that revan was a bloke. so (in the game world) no one really knows what revan was, and there is no official gender
  3. now, ive been reading through here and noone seems to have realised that 99% of the promotional work was done on Nihilus. (forgive me if someone has said somthing like this - i only got past page 5). so you would naturally expect him to be the main bad guy and be the big finale, rather than just a side character with no real input into the game. and i thought - what if the game finished when bastila walked in after carth sent you off to find revan? that'd give it a kind of ESB-esque cliffhanger ending, and your not left with any "well what about this and what about that" thoughts and lots of loose ends, and you'd know that a sequel was coming to explain what happens next.
  4. well, nomi sunrider can't be bastila's mum - coz we all know who bastila's mum is - she was on tatooine in the first game! and her name was jan or somthing like that, i really cant remember.
  5. A lot of stuff was cut. You were suspose to rescue your party members, there was a scene of Bao-dor dying. The ending I guess works, but it needs to be longer and serve a more entertaining purpose instead of seeing Malachor 5 blow up. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> cut?? why?? that sounds like a great idea! well, anything would've been better than what happened. i was expecting to go hunt for revan, then go back to carth & bastilla. and what about the stuff hk-47 was talking about - the voice activated secret visits from the ebon hawk?? or was that malachor 5?
  6. now, i finished the game earlier today - and my christ, does the end suck! what about carth and bastilla?? and revan?? and all the other characters? and the stuff you set up with the remote? and mira?? and darth whateverhisnameis - i forget. the guy with the real cool mask. he was barely in it, and when he was he died super easy. so why was he the main emphasis of the cover and all the promotional work?? it was a good game - not quite as good as the first - but the ending just spoilt it in my eyes. what are other people's views on this??
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