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  1. Thats Mr.Coran,I'm a guy,and besides,I can do alot more than talking for punsihment*reveals room full of varios torture devices*
  2. Damn, I've never seen a post more clouded with pseudo-philosofical bullcrap. And in a SW-fan board made by a guy who just reeks of "fanboism". Brilliance, dude. Keep it up <{POST_SNAPBACK}> oh goodie,I get to play peacekeeper now. ok,both genders are good in different ways,they both have their pro's and con's,now c'mon guys,yes satasn is rude at times,but that doesn't mean he loses his right to make his opinion known,now please,shut up both of you.
  3. battlefront 2 is already in the works,what the hell are you getting worked up about?
  4. fact of life number 236:all great things are discovered when highly drugged or medicated.
  5. what a vulgar brutish mind you have,you must be proud.
  6. hey man,don't diss the grunt,it's got an odd head and a breather mask,and it's the halo 2 version of a gand,and gand's PWNZ0RS J00Z!!!11!111!! and besides,Grunt's have funny lines.
  7. alot of this stuff contradicts itself,for instance,Cassus Fett was long dead by KOTOR 1,and Calo Nord was made dead in KOTOR 1,and these are just a few things of a growing list.
  8. actually they aren't superior at all,each race has special ability,humans:the ability to be unique,choose different things Mandalorians:focusing only on battle giving them prowess in battle Echani:powerful in unarmed combat with a strong code of honor and so on and so forth.
  9. Mon Calamari close-up,this is like shifting an emotional gear and getting it stuck between a sense of"aww it's cute" and "holy hell,what kind of monster is that?"
  10. two-handed lightsaber with Weaponmaster crystal,and your crystal.
  11. all the other mandalorians are being captured by HK-50's and being forced to work,that way,we all go to the Factory and finish the quest for the candie mandie.
  12. Would?he'd beat his bald ass from here to Wayland.
  13. (w00t) T3??? But how could that possibly be physically...? ...You know what? I don't wanna know. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well T3 might have a "special package" ment to please humans And of course sex with droids doesn't seem to be ilegal in the SW universe <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you know the upgrade "human anatomy library upgrade"?it's for more than extra dmg against humans. (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  14. Uhm, actually it is... 1. Mace Windu 2. Kit Fisto 3. Saesee Tiin 4. Agen Kolar These are the four Jedi Masters who go to arrest Palpatine. If you want to see for yourself, go here. Not to mention that it is clear as day when watching the trailer. Plus, from the official sources I read (haven't read the novelization yet) Sidious was <{POST_SNAPBACK}> he actually is getting beaten by mace as mace forces the battle onto the edge of the building,and when palpsy is losing because mace reflects his force lightning back into his face does he go"ohhhh helllllppp meeee,I'm mellllttttinnngg"
  15. Star Destroyer,if it has enough firepower to take out a small moon and a planet at the same time it sure as hell can take out some weak ass pie ship.
  16. murder a murderer,yeah,there's a REAL great way of serving justice.
  17. no,Revan:Red hair with the partly mustouche(sp?) and male,Exile,blond hair,medium-tall,average build.
  18. please,one dreadnaught sw ship versus that can of crap aint a contest.
  19. They dress the same. Does anyone know if Sidious could use a lightsaber, I never saw him use one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> he sort of uses one in episode 3,but it's really more of making the jedi masters think about something than swing at that one minute,pretty low blow in my opinion,but it is done with a lightsaber,so technically,yes he can use one.
  20. Oh I thought that the balance meant that there must be equal Light Side power and DS. Like Anakin brought balance to the force when killing off alot of Jedi so there were only Obi-Wan and Yoda (one medium and one powerful) on LS and on DS there were Vader and the Emperor (also one medium and one powerful) <- Anakin has brought balance to the force as according to the prophecy (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what about when luke makes a new jedi order and vader and emperor are killed?
  21. yeah,but there are two better things about camping out: 1.chance of getting interviewed by news show covering release of Ep.3 2.It's just SO...HARD...CORE....
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