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  1. wow,that message saying not to hotlink photos and thank you from photo is a STRIKING image of atton.
  2. No,I got the official novelization,not a script,and surprisingly,the movie/book isn't alot different than supershadow said.
  3. Actually in the novelization it depicts that Mace is going to soon kill Sidious after already weakening him by reflecting his lightning back at him(thats what made him ugly as hell,he took the lightning to the face)until Anakin pops in and tries to decide what to do and finally chooses to lob off mace's lightsaber hand,and with no lightsaber,Sidious can kill mace with his lightning.
  4. Stass Allie Saesie Tiin Mace Windu(one of the saddest deaths I ever saw in star wars,he is one of my favorite masters ) Kit Fisto(same as mace windu ) so that would be 4 jedi masters,and one alone was about to kill Sidious' ass until the little brat stepped in when Mace thought he'd help him.
  5. the two parts where sidious says "oh I'm afraid the shield's will beQuiteoperation when your friends arrive." and "You will die." as he prepares to fry luke the second line wasn't original but there was just this way he said it,I could really feel the evil when he said it.
  6. yes,meaning that palpy would have to look through the natural history museum just to find the dust of her corpse to challenge her,she is 80 or so in KOTOR II,in palpsy's time thats 4080.
  7. I'd say they'd make a good couple,an evil couple that has our imaginations spawning horrible thoughts but still a good couple,I'm surprised it wasn't put on the SW couples poll.
  8. thats because yoda,Obi-Wan,Mace,or Anakin could beat the hell out of him,and everybody would vote for him because they like his mask,they only put Malak because he's a stupid brute with some ugly metal jaw and the one time it's taken off he looks like he'll be going to a psychiatrist for the next few years about a lawn-mower incident.
  9. I still think revan should be the goo creature.
  10. farmers eh?seems like in those games they decided to step up Uthar and Malak's fighting skill to farmers level.
  11. is it evil that I find conflicts amusing to watch and point out flaws in points on both sides at choice times?because if so,I'm probably registered for the next sith lord. I'm also sorta glad that everybody said what they wanted to say,miscommunication is a good deal of why the world is so messed up,but back to the land of on-topicness.
  12. oh snap,you're right,I got the month mixed up. :"> it would appear that I'm the crazy one. sincere apoligies.
  13. you mean 4 weeks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> am I crazy or are you?because it comes out April 19th here,and for me today is April 18th,and for finishing statements,it's not spoilers/rumors,it stuff I read from the chaptersed novelization of the movie.
  14. you're either as nutty as a fruitcake or as crazy as the idea you just made. :ph34r:
  15. ironically whenever I saw her and that pink skin of hers along with the...Not as grand tetons,it made me think"baby commercial."
  16. I remember reading somewhere once in some D20 rulebook/sourcebook, that the Mon Calamari cruisers were actually luxury cruise liners, converted into warships at the time of the founding of the rebel alliance. They sided with the rebellion and handed over what ships they had, then added weaponry and other military stuff to them. Since it was somewhat old stuff, it might have been replaced with newer canon though, you never know. Besides, on-topic, I like the good old triangular star destroyers <{POST_SNAPBACK}> wait,you mean you didn't know the Mon Calamari were originally peaceful and their ships cruise liners?Yes!I knew something that somebody else didn't!my goal in life is complete,now I may die in peace. :D
  17. well the thing with interdictors is that they need a few minutes to power their tractor beam,so it becomes a race as to whether the ship can power up it's hyperdrives before the interdictor can power up it's anti-grav generators.
  18. and now it becomes a race as to who can make the thread faster,me or topaz,I'm betting the farm on topaz. :cool:
  19. I still stand that if Mace fought dooku he could kill him,especially if He could take palpsy alone.Besides,that same rage gives them strength,but in that rage their tactics begin to dwindle,When Dookue was merely toying with Obi-Wan and Anakin on Geonosis with no hate he thought things through more carefully and assesed the situation,whereas with yoda his hate grew stronger and his attacks begam more ferocious with less tactical thought,thus he is exchanging insight for power,such is the way of the Dark Side,where as the lightside have more defensive abilities in The KOTOR series showing that a Jedi holds a more defensive outlook because they do not gain the power of the Dark Side,and The sith Do not gain the clear and thoughtful mind of the Light Side.
  20. I prefer the Star Destroyer for some reason,I'm the sort of person that would take heavily armored and heavy guns and alot of em over a speedy blockade runner,It was pretty hard to transact from heavy armor to robes for me In the KOTOR series,for atleast half of the times I'd replayed KOTOR 1 and 2 I used heavy armor,than I tried out force storm for fun,and that made the transaction alot easier. but back on topic,Yeah,I like the Super Star Destroyers even more,more armor,more guns,better shielding,the works.
  21. it would be sorta stupid if he wasn't the master of a technique that he created. " :D
  22. it is rather hard to have a high opinion of a person that only utters three words the entire movie than gets his ass chopped up like sushi.
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