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  1. I always thought the same thing,if midichlorians are in the bloodstream,why did not just clone enough midichlorians for each jedi so that you have a whole ordr of yodas...than again considering some jedi go dark this could be a problem,while on the subject of cloning and cloning midichlorians,why not just clone a grand army of the republic full of yodas?if you say,triple the amount of original yoda's midichlorians along with his same mind,just less indiviuality,than they could've stormed palpatine's ass before he could turn Anakin into Vader.
  2. actually I'm almost positive that it says somewhere that it was supposed to be used as a "if I'm going to hell,I'm taking you with me." type of weapon,though,considering it is after all Revan,I wouldn't say your idea is impossible.
  3. I just saw your updated versions of the outfits,hellooooo handmaiden! (w00t) (w00t)
  4. There was nothing really wrong with Zalabar per se. I actually liked him. He's just one I see more likely to return to Kashyyyk and his tribe rather than somehow stumble into the True Sith War. I found Bao Dur kind of annoying, but I never really did get him to full potential. I think I expereienced a bug during my first play through where after a little while when I would talk to him the only option I ever got anymore was "Nothing. Nevermind" or something along those lines. Personally, I like seeing the females fighting next to me with their lightsabers blazing. After all, if I have to look at three characters, two of them might as well be nicely pixelated eye candy (particularly if wearing the Mesh dancer outfits I made which contain a decent amount of protection for reasons explained in their descriptions). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thats not a bug,its just he has very little dialogue,but everybody is really easy to make a jedi,as male I managed to get everybody(excluding Bao-Dur and mira since I didn't have her)into a jedi before I met my first jedi master,I met disciple,went to the office of khoonda,than made him a jedi,and I had already gotten atton and Bao-Dur,but I gotta say,Using Visas and Handmaiden as jedi...it certainly is classy having an all-girl cabiret(sp?) of jedi. <_< (w00t) :D
  5. Ironicly,I'm american and I usually spell it "grey" now that I know a bunch of people have it I feel sorta stupid. :">
  6. I just got a 2nd onasi blaster,the first in the belly of a cannok,the 2nd in Freedon Nad's tomb,maybe Dustil was warped to the past by a phonebooth,fell in love with Nadd,and Nadd demanded he be buried with him...alive...DUN DUN DUN,carth got eaten by a cannok,and dustil had a homosexual affair with an avaris-crazed sith lord. :ph34r:
  7. I just picked up a set of "gray jedi robes" this is the first time I've even heard of anything of the sort,has anybody else gotten them?
  8. I just picked up a set of "gray jedi robes" this is the first time I've even heard of anything of the sort,has anybody else gotten them?
  9. Zaalbar was kinda cool,I could live without Jolee and Juhani(though since they are jedi they can give the support only a force-wielder can give,not to mention the melee damage of their lightsabers.)though When Bao-Dur becomes Jedi he is rather cool,though I notice he uses the force storm power as many times as possible with every battle,seems he still can't get the hate of malachor completely out :ph34r: He is rather quiet but he gives a solid combat,and he's one helluva double-bladed 'saberman,and thats all I need.
  10. Darth Coran, Sith klutz.... There is no reflecting going on with this lightning...u are just getting hit by lightning....many sith Lords shoot lightning... And you haven't seen the movie yet have you? Let's see how it all unfolds.... DeathScepter...Sith in denial....Stalker of Darth Revan.... Revan has put a restraining order on DeathScepter... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't see the movie,but I read the book. Sithy Been Served.
  11. You can make all the excuses you want for why she is how she is, but that doesn't change the fact that the description still fits appropriately, does it? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> a good gentlemen knows when he is beaten,I tip my hat to you.
  12. Lightning to the face?Thats how Palpatine got that messed up Face,mace Windu reflected Palp.'s own lightning at him into the face and it made his flesh begin to melt thus making him look like some sort of gooey furby.
  13. gee that doesn't sound anything like some evil emperor I know. besides,hand wounds aren't mortal,If some 90-something old hag can take a wrist I can take atleast 3 limbs.
  14. well this game is my first non-guardian kotor II game(all my others were guardian/weapon masters)the reason that I didn't do it again for a long time is that I find peragus redundant,and well...a bit scary. :"> but this is also my first female game,and my first time getting disciple,and turning Bao-dur into a jedi,I have only completed Dantooine,and the first half of Onderon and I already jedi-iffied Atton,Disciple,and Bao-Dur. :D
  15. now,as I have seen this so many times in your posts I can't remain neutral-no stepping on anybody's toes,you keep referring to Kreia as something something hag,you're giving her rude names to make your side sound better,now please,if we may continue this debate with solid arguments rather than insulting the other side's representative?and Drakkonen,I am not insulting you or anybody else here,I just want for you to stop making this into more of an insurance commercial than a debate.Now,after the debate,Juma Juice is on me.
  16. well thats ironic,I was replaying the game and I managed to get an onasi blaster from the gut...of...a....cannok....it would appear that carth was the shortest lived admiral there ever was,that or Dustil been teh owned...and I wonder how an onderon soldier had a circlet of Saresh,and a different ondie soldier had Exar Kun's light armor in a dif. game these have got to be the most well paid soldiers I've ever seen. 0_0
  17. "some" geeks,is a more proper term,I'm only partly a geek. <_< and don't forget,most of us HAVE kissed a girl...unless ofcourse you're all very literate 5 years olds?
  18. Ok,let me rephrase this"And Nobody as of yet has given me a serious,game-official,rank." I shouldn't have to do these things,and because of my having to retype,you shall be without children...forever*aims throwing stars carefully* :ph34r:
  19. I think the only thing better than being able to play both PC's would be that if you had two extra controllers,your friends could control the two npc party members(what they do in combat,not their dialogue ofcourse.)
  20. diehard,diehard,hmmm,yeah,I'd say I'm a diehard(lay off the geek insults,I said i'm a diehard,not a diehard with no life =P)
  21. if you go hardcore with either consular or guardian you basically don't have to bat an eyelash,weaponsmasters take everybody down in a few barrages,and consulars just shock the hell out off everybody with force storm(and if running low on rations,force fried cannok makes a lovely dehydrated meal.)
  22. I chose other,because as impossible as it is,I think if Obsidian worked with Bioware,we could truly have a game,the influence,powers,feats,and overall ability to do an SW story about finding one's self instead of"good guy walks up to bad guy,makes speech about goodness,kills evil guy",and the way that bioware can create unique characters that truly have a personality of their own"Carth,the mistrusting captain,Mission,the kid from the streets,bindo the runaway jedi ect." ok,now that I have stated my unsatisfiable opinion,you may proceed to mock me. :">
  23. besides me. (w00t) no whammy no whammy no whammy...stop! c'mon,daddy wants to be a Weaponsmaster.
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