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  1. yeah,that was real fighting,none of this rinse and repeat **** like in KOTOR.
  2. damn straight!this spit could choke a gand.
  3. and I'm sparky,his loveable sidekick space llama!
  4. Washed first, I hope ... (remember Zalbar and Mission in K1 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Of course. I meant a clean fluffy fur mat, smelling of Kashyyk pine-trees preferably. I'm such a fan of Kashyyk nature and its natural inhabitants are so adorable as..well..as fur mats. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> not exactly waiting for time magazine to name you person of the year,are you? "
  5. 4 reasons for using a lightsaber: -they're shiny -they can burn through doors -they can burn through people -they can impale people like a sword,just look cooler about it.
  6. if only he could be made into a force-wielder,and you think atton can kill jedi well?
  7. same,by the polar academy I'm like,4 acts away from the bonus.
  8. no...no...nooooo! my life....falling down around my ears....nooooooo!
  9. and his little plush gun will fire real lethal rounds! :ph34r: :cool: (w00t)
  10. once you get the transmission from Visquis you can't re-enter the the hawk till you're done.
  11. I still think managing to get her to succumb to force wave should give you the right to force wave her off the edge. :cool:
  12. hey,thats the only way the less force-sensitive sith can use force lightning. :cool:
  13. Then don't use it Its supposed to be a combination of mandalorian type armor with electromesh and encrusted force crystals, and the mask is based off of Jango Fett's helmet, hence the look. You could say the same for alot of heavier armors and the Force Mask style masks though, except at least my stuff matches instead of running around looking like you have the fashion sense and matching abilities of a retarded elcectic jawa! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> could you maybe email me the mod for the stuff you created?it seems rather interesting.
  14. forgive my stupidity but what are you trying to say?
  15. Sion has such a gravelly voice he could be passed for as a driveway.
  16. post in only one board,putting one in each board is unnecasary(sp?). Thank you.
  17. I believe you must be atleast 51% dark side,I only got him once and I was super evil so who knows.
  18. I'd imagine ALOT of wis could make force wave possible against traya,what I don't get is that if you CAN indeed use force wave why the game won't let you wave her off the edge.
  19. I take it they're blond and blue eyed too? Heil Hitler! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is incredibly rude,offensive,and over all proof of your parent's failure at raising you.
  20. alot of this stuff contradicts itself,for instance,Cassus Fett was long dead by KOTOR 1,and Calo Nord was made dead in KOTOR 1,and these are just a few things of a growing list. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually Cassus Fett is only BELIEVED to be dead. Which Star Wars means, "Just waiting to be brought back." Never believed the world believed in Star Wars. Calo Nord might be dead, then again. So was Boba Fett. We don't know how things turned out in KOTOR offically(other than lightside ending). Calo might still be alive, and I only make reference to him becuase I think it would be quite funny to have him back. That character who just won't die. Please continuie with the list so that I might strike all down. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> considering I smacked the hell out of him with a lightsaber,while Juhani slashed his ass up,all the while carth shooting him,he sure as hell better be dead.
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