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  1. Skyfall on dvd wee :D

  2. Sinuses Clearing :) Ahh!

  3. I got the flu *sniff*

  4. Just counting down the hours left before project eternity concludes.

  5. soo u did'nt get that mag deal then ? hurray more Kotor art from Kyla :D
  6. unless someome's been on a carthology trip " i'd say not. Dls are nice it's just a lazy week as said U've previewd my K3 v0.93 tell me ..u think i should clean it done or go straight too work on "Saving JK Ryan?" btw luv ur pics especially the Candyman'n Baley un here are a few more fresh oldies & doodles
  7. No, they can't. Interested in moving to the UK Baley? I would assume you get citizenship in the UK by fulfilling some requirement to live there for X years and then apply for it from the government...or maybe all you have to do is marry a brit...Darth Launch, for example... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that'd take a few years for it too be legal :D but Launch is in the market for now
  8. it's friday! Time too get more lazy here are some oldies!
  9. when this flame war is over.."Mind if i give the unity" "Tim!! ur alive" /cheese it
  10. u mean in my posts or in my pics? cuss pure smileys in a pic means a move/mood of a character in here it's just cussa the talks we've had "shuts up" OH i got it sorry :">
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