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  1. Useless info: on the topic of Paris Hilton, did anyone watch the South Park episode 'Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset'? I saw it just last week, as season 8 is airing hereabouts now. Needless to say, the whole episode is dedicated to making fun of Ms Hilton. Personally I found it hilarious, particularly the ending, which brought back good memories from the Lemmiwinks-episode... (If you're seeing this one, I STRONGLY recommend seeing that one first - it's actually called 'Death Camp of Tolerance' from season 6. It will add so much.) Also quite amusing when her pet dog commits suicide.
  2. ^^ We have a winner! That must be the most useless info I've read in a looooooong time. ^_^
  3. Liverpool and Manchester melting together? What will the hideous result be called? Liverchester? Manpool?
  4. Yes, I am quite certain you can only obtain the two visas already mentioned, one of which you must pay Kiph (or something, the slicer in cantina) to slice before you can sell it. The Qixoni (sp?) crystal is restricted to DS, but unless I'm mistaken that can be countered by placing it in a glowstick (read: lightsaber) with your <Your Name> crystal in the other slot. Haven't tried that, can anyone confirm it? It works for the Solari crystal, which is LS only. Another thing to consider is that the starport visas are also good for earning influence with your different party members
  5. Not quite so. They did win their very own leprechaun. They may still pay dearly for it though.
  6. Heh, I recently found the Hanharr exploit by accident. I did it a few times and his Intelligence dropped till it reached 3 (I think). It stayed at 3 even though I 'broke' him a couple of more times. Then suddenly, the last time I did it, his Intelligence became 254 (again, I think that was the number)! (I also noticed it's a good idea to talk to Kreia after breaking Hanharr, since she can then give your character a bonus to Strength and Constitution as well, although you may need a high Wisdom to get the required convo options.)
  7. I assume people mentioning the mining trick are referring to the exercise of placing mines in one area, then moving to a different area, then going back to pick up the mines again, earning XP for it (which you wouldn't do if you only placed a mine and picked it right back up again).
  8. And again it's down to bad refereeing. Hyppi
  9. Zulu - Good job! But in fact, I like Carth best in that sketch. Don't ask why, just a first glance kind of thing. I think it may be the shadowing.
  10. Full agreement on K-A. With your work rate you'll reach 60 pages in no time! And it is indeed excellent stuff as well! Love that Mara! Surprisingly, this happens to a lot of people.
  11. I didn't mean I don't like Leno, but if I met him I would take care not to step too close to his chin so I wouldn't fall into it. I think he's better than Letterman (or his writers are... or both...), but you're right about Stewart. Conan isn't bad either, at least sometimes, but his whole head is almost as huge as Leno's chin. (What is it with NBC anyway, do they take a different approach to 'filling the timeslots' or something?) In any case, I hardly ever watch talk shows anymore, and we no longer get the NBC ones on cable here either. Well, enough of this gay banter! I don't believ
  12. I read somewhere, an excerpt from an interview, that Lucas had indeed been inspired by the extended versions of LotR and was thinking of something similar for RotS. I don't think we can expect quite LotR-like amounts of added footage though. But RotS felt very compressed to me, some fleshing out could do it a whole lot of good.
  13. And spam with pictures leads to... the other side of the dark side? Spam about spam leads to the validity of Kaftan's statement above. Spam with eggs leads to flatulence.
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