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  1. gack! I've not been here for way to long! Great pic Sentry, really stunning. This weekend, I'm doing a handmaiden one :D Lots of greetz to everyone I know! Saraya
  2. Hi everyone! No update as of yet, but just a quick message. My life is a chaos momentarily, but I'm holding up pretty well. There were a couple of mishaps concerning my schedule (that made me miss and oral exam.... ) But those are sorted out, since it wasn't my fault :D I got a couple of PM's and I'll answer them asap! I just wanted to say I miss these boards, but beware when I return! Telrunya says hi too :D Take care! Saraya ps: Any suggestions on who to draw where (female preferably) lemme know! A girl needs to unwind once in a while.:D
  3. Hehe! To Roger: Okay, so now I'm really confused :D Thanks tho :D To Arkendale: Sorry for thinking you was gal :D And about turning Kens into Atton or Carth. I don't think I own Ken dolls anymore. Well, maybe they are at daddy's :D I'll try looking for one there. To Flatus: She is indeed scary, and the paint was supposed to be much lighter and such :D It's simple accrylic (sp?) paint, no model-making paints. To Lauch: Thanks for the tip, but it's blistering warm out here now and I caught a cold. Cause here in Belgium, it's tropical one day and freezing the other. For rea
  4. Whieuw, Arkie, slow down girl, it's a joke ya? :D I can assure you I'm perfectly sane and besides, it was good fun so :D On a more serious note, if you had too little sleep in a long while, there is a moment you just can't fall asleep anymore. That was one of those moments. Greetings, Saraya (which also means basement...Yay me! )
  5. First of all, thanks guys! For the sweet comments :D I truly appreciate them Now, on an entire different note. I didn't make a drawing, but I did something else. I found my old "experiment" Barbie again. The poor lass has suffered many haircuts, hairinplants, different make-up and she was always the loser in my elaborate plays. (Seriously, move over Bold and the Beautiful.) I'm currently suffering from exams stress and fatigue. So I thought, let's paint her blue and make her a Twi'lek. Got out the acryllic paints and started. It turned out the paint didn't stick to her torso
  6. Woot! I like it aswell! That's really cool! And you're saying you can't draw, of course you can. Heck if you managa a Bastila like that in paint :D Gives you a cookie too :D Greetz, Saraya
  7. I made a quick piccie. It's Mara Jade, I don't really like her cause I felt I did her an injustice by doing the coloring so fast and so crappily... But, I did want to share her :D Any remarks and links to photoshop coloring are very welcome :D Greetings, Saraya
  8. He! You're all sweetiepies :D I'm sorry I haven't posted anything yet, but tomorrow I will, school was hectic and so on and so forth. Sorry for the very little response, but I gotta go again :D Greetz and till tomorrow :D Saraya
  9. Again a quicky (school was murder today :D) And again it's a digital pic, so... Quality baaaaaaaaaad! To work for school, I must. This time it's teenage Barriss with her master Luminara. The way they fought together in the cartoons was just....wow.. Greetings, Saraya
  10. Here's a re-sized one. Greetings, Saraya
  11. Okay :D Thanks for all the comments! :"> It's sweet :D I like. I'm in kind of a bloody hurry, damn my school :D This week is going to be living hell... Well, not that bad, but I'm in a dramatic mood today :D Here's Shaak-Ti :D It's a digital picture again and kindda blurry...Still no scanner at the moment. Greetings, Saraya
  12. Very good indeed Keep up the good work Kemis :D Greetings, Saraya
  13. Thanks :D That's sweet. Welcome to the boards by the way :D To Baley :D Aww, thanks too. Are you a Barris fanboy? To Kaftan. Well....a balcony....Visas has quite large one...so to say. Do you know the previews voice? Like when you go to theatres? It's this very typical voice. Well, it's hard to explain, it's more of an inside joke between the boyfriend and I. Pablo Francisco is this stand-up comedian who did this really striking impression of the previews voice. So yeah, from whence it came :D
  14. Well, not much of an update today, it's something I made in school and I had to hide it every two minutes or something :D It's supposed to be Barris Offee. :'( I don't like this pic very much. I'll do her more honour and consacrate a bit more time on her this weekend or so :D Again, it's a digital pic...so...baaaaad. Okay, I should really go to sleep. Greetings, Saraya
  15. Dito :D Everyone thinks evil is so cool. Evil is cool to obliterate, which is evil too I suppose, but still. Yeah, not making much sense. Greetings, Saraya
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