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  1. I always felt that developers didnt take time to tweak that for a reason. Such as not turning them to the darkside, I always felt that seducing them doesnt really fit into any dialouge tree. In both games the darkside was more focused on smashing the pride and taking money from the weak ones. This is why I always let my companions follow the path of disliking me, it fits better with eveyone going "omg, it's that dreaded old woman molding you into an ass"
  2. Gameplay like Jade Empire, except with better battle animations.
  3. This is more like real life...umm here...
  4. It's hard, but I like Kotor's II robes. But the robes in I are what they are suposed to look like when you take off the coat which they dont look like them in II.
  5. I liked Mandalore, I liked how he stayted quite. His presence spoke for him, people knew who the hell he was, and what hes about " oh ****, its ****ing mandalore" then rather in the first game, he was all aobut " im Canderous Ordo " except for that bit on Taris when the Vulkars were pissing in there pants when he cmae for the payments.
  6. but I did say he puts his bones together regardless, I showed Sion things he never fathomed a lightsaber could do
  7. Sadly neither effect blaster rifles, but the ydont get penalties from using both hands.
  8. I seriously think the force is whats keeping him together, maybe his power stems so far that he can manipulate the force to keep him stable or from reaching near death. It is possible that over time his bones bcome like brittle and can brake, and they rebuild. This is my theory, since in the game when you fight him, you can make him let go of what he clung onto for so long, the force.
  9. I know what you mean, but he doesnt do it any justice if hes not hitting anything.
  10. Actually those look like shot lightsabers to me, even they are daggers, when he said daggers I was thinking of hte blade taking hte shape of a scimitar or osmething. I always thought jsut lightsabers were boring, I always think of why they dont make saber katars, or something like wolverines claws ect.
  11. Sorry, but if you hit a woman with a any kind of lightsaber form between there legs, they will wither in pain as well.
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