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  1. Either that or no points deducted for either. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok. I hope it works. I'll keep trying, thanks.
  2. Apathy gives me DS points when i die during it. If I live do I get LS?
  3. When i tryapathy they stun me and kill me. i cant get away.I'll keep trying it though, thanks
  4. I amdoing LS. And I am at the junction where you find Kreia in the tomb. When I protect Kreia the door does not unlock. Is this a glitch? Becuase I know when I do a DS statement then I can get through the door. Is there any possible wayto get out of it doing LS? I dont like the idea of losing my +3 strength for LS especially on my last planet. thanks
  5. I was nearly 100% light getting off Telos. when I choose a side, I dont do anything to damage the side like being light then saying something dark. I dont take her with me because as a LS player, She says things then I lose influence when I say she is wrong or I try to stay LS. When I play my first DS character it will be different.I will most likely bring her over any other player until I get HK47 and Mandalore. Thanks for the reply. I guess I wasnt to far off.
  6. I was level 17 I believe both times I got it. Is it because I stink? Or because I simply dont bring Kreia anywhere and forget to talk to her? Or is that the normal level to get it?Because if its the lack of not bringing her, damn, I regret not talking to her more often. Thanks.
  7. I would say Orange. But thats not listed. So either violet, red, or gold. I liek red and gold, colors of the Marine Corps.! :D I would have a double bladed light saber. I would be as light and pure and as powerful as Master Yoda. but not that short. no offense to anyone, butit would be tough to use a double bladed lightsaber at 2 feet 2 inches.
  8. I see. So just being pure evil will make her want to kill me and become a jedi. sweet deal. maybe romance thing will still work with her if that exists. i have no gotten to that point yet. so dont reply on the romance quests on this game lol. thanks for the help
  9. Lets see.. I liked... Handmaiden, Bastila, Visas, Jolee, and HK47. I dont like Carth, he reminds me of Anakin from episode II, too whiny.. I like and dont like Bao Dur, he is a good NPC, but I cant stand talking to him. I dont like Malak. Just a big old pansy.. you kick his butt and he runs from you on that space ship, and then again at the end of the game. I dont like Vrook. Man he is annoying. Always so pesimistic and rude. They need Yoda. I dont like That first wookie. I normally think the wookies are cool like Chewbacca, but Zalibar I think his name was, was just a random character.
  10. This ismy second time playing this game. I am doing LS Male again now that I got the hang of things from the first time. I notice certain actions influence. I just convinced Handmaiden to become a Jedi. If I was to do DS, could I still gain her influence to a point where I could train her as a sith? or would I have to be nice to her?Thanks a lot
  11. ok thanks for all the help. i gotboth visas. now i am off that planet because of the turmoil. now i just need to wait, return, and show them who is boss again lol thanks again
  12. I had no idea that master flurry and master speed were apowerful combo. I guess it is only common sense. I normally dont use those things for feats. Interesting I have beaten KOTOR 1 many times without using those. Also i am only on my second round of this one, i got bored the first time around and it took me many one hour a day days to finally beat this one the first time. i may have o try those combos sometime.
  13. ok thanks. I am going to assume to recieve the second visa I must find the murderer who killed sullio not daghon. i dont know how to spell their names so i hope you understnad what i am saying. thanks again for the help. curious though. when i play as a DS character next time around, will i be able to get the crystal and all those credits that nice lady offered for a visa? thanks again!
  14. How many Starport visas can be obtained on Onderon? I have mine, and one open one as of yet that I got from a bounty hunter I killed. Do I need mine? I wouldnt mind getting this lightsaber crystal that girl is willing to give, although I do not know if it is any good. Also the republic guy, and that family with the two kids. if you cant tell i am LS this time. Thanks a lot
  15. Handmaiden, you have to be 18th level, and have fought (and won) against her three times (I think you can fight once when she joins, again at 14th level, 3rd time at 18th). Assuming you have enough influence with her/have gone through the right dialogs (maybe need to talk to Kreia about her also?) she'll express a desire to learn about the Jedi. I think the necessary conversation might only be possible on the Ebon Hawk? Even if not, you can only fight her aboard ship. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok thanks. i remember saying lets practice hand to hand combat or something of the sort. i got this game a while back beat it and this is the first time in months ive played so maybe i am wrong.but i jsut arrived on telos so we'll see. at least i know the swoops are not working. i wont bother with them. kotor1 had just good easy swoop money too. oh well thanks for the help. BeachHead
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