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  1. Skyfall on dvd wee :D

  2. Sinuses Clearing :) Ahh!

  3. I got the flu *sniff*

  4. Just counting down the hours left before project eternity concludes.

  5. soo u did'nt get that mag deal then ? hurray more Kotor art from Kyla :D
  6. unless someome's been on a carthology trip " i'd say not. Dls are nice it's just a lazy week as said U've previewd my K3 v0.93 tell me ..u think i should clean it done or go straight too work on "Saving JK Ryan?" btw luv ur pics especially the Candyman'n Baley un here are a few more fresh oldies & doodles
  7. No, they can't. Interested in moving to the UK Baley? I would assume you get citizenship in the UK by fulfilling some requirement to live there for X years and then apply for it from the government...or maybe all you have to do is marry a brit...Darth Launch, for example... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that'd take a few years for it too be legal :D but Launch is in the market for now
  8. it's friday! Time too get more lazy here are some oldies!
  9. when this flame war is over.."Mind if i give the unity" "Tim!! ur alive" /cheese it
  10. u mean in my posts or in my pics? cuss pure smileys in a pic means a move/mood of a character in here it's just cussa the talks we've had "shuts up" OH i got it sorry :">
  11. here we go my DVD "mockumentary" wich i hope will stand on it's own. If not it'll atleast add a li'l glint too my K3 pic hope u enjoy
  12. nah it would'nt really relate too KOTOR but 2pics are ready just gonna slap some txt on em as you know post em l8r with them oldies
  13. try switching between em then running head onto em and away. They're stubborn donkeys especially Atton
  14. he's prolly figuring out how too play it Lou: Well gee i know she's a hottie but it's NOT the tittle character after all, Baley! NOT the tittle character! Baley:Y'know class starts in 5mins lezz just get too it shall we..it's the climactic scene of battle wich leads too the last 2-3 uns She loves Carth, Carth is married at this point can she take it? Yes!! Lou:Ok how much a cut u want!? Baley:50k Lou:30k Baley:Done! "DL walks in" 'who's that'? No one get back too ur uni.
  15. well it was'nt actual size i'm surprised you could see em just my draft pic Launch /watch DLaunch wiggle in cheerleading dance soo you still wanna be in it? Who's ur agent?
  16. untied shoelases, the worst enemy of every jedi ..unless they wear sandals or loafers this might sound obvious but try restarting & reboot ur x-box
  17. i'm back :cool: ! nice pic but why not add a Bao'Dur snickering :D omg my follower babe is lvl2 "you've just cleared too leave Peragus...habitat area I guess 1 spoiler is in order too celebrate a new thread here we go from the battle of Serroco feut. Master Kavar "the handsome devil"
  18. I stand with the Mandalorians but what the hey ,,lezz go Revan!!
  19. it's right next too the missile you'll highlight it when you get close up. That or wait for the ppl working on the missing content mod too finish up and use Visas
  20. SWG is ruined don't bother with it read their forums if you please take it from a old time player DJK Corbantis :cool:
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