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  1. I was sold at near-naked wrestling. (w00t) :cool: "
  2. "Next intergalactic mcdonalds,16 parsecs." Revan:That seems like a promising future!it's settled,to the outer rim I shall go! 5 years later... Revan:5 years of tireless struggle and I have finally become a manager*points to random worker*I OWN YOU!I AM YOUR MASTER,YOUR LEADER,AND YOUR INSPIRATION!MWAHAHAHAHAHA!*runs off* Worker:He makes ol bindo look sane. other worker:Bindo?didn't we use him yesterday when we ran out of spacecow and that group of trandoshan's wanted that bigass meal? Worker:oh yeah...I wonder what it's like to have a big mac box as your coffin. Other worker:I'd rather know if he tasted different because he was intune with the force... Revan:WORK MINIONS!WORK!
  3. yeah,just add a witty comment in your head and pretend I said it. :cool: "
  4. So you're the necromancer! just wanted to infect a new batch of innocents with this filth, did we? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> necromancer!??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it's the term on the forums meaning a person that brings a thread back from the grave.
  5. yeah,in K1 it was basic,good vs evil,in K2 it shows this dark galaxy with corruption,evil,and darkness,yet specks of light inbetween the darkness.
  6. I was sorta expecting him to give me a tug too. "you are big stuff,yes?" "compared to you my boot is big stuff." that was priceless. XD
  7. lol,when the champ walked in I was expecting maybe a trandoshan or something,Imagine my surprise when I see a rodent with an entrance of the terminator.
  8. Though they shouldn't have used the term "Sith Lord" and "Jedi Master" because that makes people think that those are the best ranks because in the movies sith lords and jedi masters are the best of the best. Edit:Oh,I'm complaining,aren't I?sorry,I just got wrapped up in the sibject,sincere apoligies slipstream. :">
  9. I was being intentional and yes I did read what you wrote and it doesn't make up for the lack of character development in the game. yes I have completed every character's story, completed 11 games so far so don't question me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are enough threads for you to complain in about what you did not like about the game, do not ruin one of the few that actually praise it. So go be a toad elsewhere. I liked the intrigue it inserts into the whole story about the Mandalorian War and the Jedi Civil War. In KOTORI it was very black ahd white, but now it's a lot more gray, more political and much deeper. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You do know that K1 was all about the aftermath of the Mandalorian wars and was set during the civil war... omg.. lol.. lmao. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You dear sir are a pain in the butt <_< *inches toward MT with lightsaber* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Second. :ph34r: <_< *inches toward MT with lightsaber*
  10. Vrook for you my man... I'd probably be Atton, because I act like him most of the time, and look like him for the most part. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> no,see,he's witty and good-looking,you are not.
  11. the reason he was built was for priceless lines,without those lines,HK is going to become a junkyard hobo. :ph34r:
  12. yoda died at 923 years old,Revan is 4000 years ago,can you do the math for this one brainiac?
  13. the same could be said with blue and red,except that blue pwns both of the other traditonal colors.
  14. I managed to get the lightest of em all into a Dark Jedi,the handmaiden became a Dark Jedi.
  15. he turns good-er if you are female,than he gets all freaky deaky love with you,I played both genders,and I must say,one dude with chopped up skin,hitting on another dude in disguise,is really messed up.
  16. Haven't you played KOTOR 1 and 2 and seen how bad the combat systems are? its rinse and repeat,over and over and over of him jump,hit,get hit,jump,hit... atleast in Academy you can do things a little differently.
  17. On behalf of the posters of this thread, who have helped keep this toipic on page one of the forum, I would like to say this: :"> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I second. :">
  18. only do it to atton,mira,Bao-Dur,and Handmaiden/Disciple,if you're planning on making them jedi,if not,don't.
  19. No...she was neutral. Otherwise her meter would have been at the bottom of the DS half of the Alignment bar. Take care not to think so far outside the box you forget the box itself. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> All you are doing is highlighting the fundamental flaw in having an alignment -- and especially a one dimensional alignment, like Light-Dark. Alignments can be a cumulative measure of the actions of a character -- I'll accept that, but they are in no manner a restriction on what the character might do next. I firmly beleive that anyone would be capable of anything, under the correct circumstances. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Anakin skywalker killing all jedi than becoming Darth Vader and than killing the emperor proves this.
  20. What a tangled web we weave,Kreia just does it for the hell of it. "
  21. not sure,but yeah,it may have been instinct,or just a lucky guess,but I hated that ol biddy the minute she woke up,shoulda popped her with that plasma torch before she woke up. :ph34r:
  22. It will hurt sales a lot if they were to say. Make the main character only able to be a mon calamari, twi'lek. etc. Sub-species of human would be cool and Zabrack (they have hair yes) but anything else would hurt sales way too much in my opinion <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yes, I agree.... Humans are just better, lol. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> was I just misinterpreting when people keep saying "I wish we could have different species" I mean,GT is barely staying in 2nd degree insanity with no twi'lek PC's,if K3 doesn't have one,he may go to 1st degree,and I mean,I sure as hell wouldn't mind starting out as a wookie jedi,automatic 20 str,20 con,14 dex,14 wis,12 cha,and 8 cha(this is Hanharr's stats,and we must follow his since he is the modern wookie of the KOTOR series)
  23. "Master,you are like a random cruelty generator." that right there,that pwned every line ever spoken in K1 and 2.
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