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  1. well i've been signed on for weeks now, and have posted twice. in that time i've asked for help regarding issues i've had with kotor2, and in that time i've recieved no help whatsoever. now i don't blame the average member who posts spoilers and questions and such...my issue is with osidian itself. i bought your game for $60 and had assumed my money would buy me a game and whatever support i needed, in fact i bought a defective game and no help in trying to resolve the issue. so this post will most likely be my last, and frankly....that game will be the last obsidian game i ever buy as well. y
  2. ok, i got this game on pc about a month and a half ago...and got a total of maybe 4 hours of play out of it. i got as far as the touret minigame on paragus, and then the whole game crashed. i tried lowering the video res, tried installing a different driver for my nvidia geforce fx 5200 graphics card, i've tried disabling sound (all these things were suggested by the tech support ppl at lucasarts) and nothing as worked. so basically i have 4 very expensive disks that do absolutely nothing....these are my specs on my pc..... dell demention 8600, p4, 2.8 gig hd, 1 gig of ram, previously ment
  3. I bought KOTOR 2 about a month ago...and i'm still waiting to actually play the thing. I can get as far as the minigame just after paragus, but then it crashes....i've got a dell demention 8300-p4-2.8 gig hd with 1 gig of ram and my graphics card is a geforce fx 5200. I've tried calling lucasarts tech support, they gave me about 4 suggestions (such as dl'ing an old video driver...disabling audio and such) but nothing has worked....i spent over $70 canadian for this game that i've been waiting for ever since i heard it was being made....BUT I CAN'T PLAY IT.....can anyone help?
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