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  1. I have to say Revan. The character just seemed real, besides the whole part with the mind wipe.
  2. lol... wonder if it would speed up the game?
  3. I didn't like malak's personality... and waayyy to blinded by anger to see truth
  4. I like the Jawas... The funny sped up language people get my vote
  5. This one's a hard one. I liked Dantooine a bit more than Rakata Prime... The endless looking fields make me choose it over Rakata
  6. id say peragus was the worst planet. To me... it absolutly sucked and was boring beyond all belief.
  7. atris was suppose to b on katar but it she knew there was going to be a sith attack somehow. She more or less used the chance as to find the new sith threat that was attacking them through the force. So i guess Atris did betray the council in a way.
  8. this really surprised me that it beat jade empire. obsidian really needs a pat on the back for a game that isnt polished.
  9. instead of just killing disciple how bout torture then kill..
  10. ehh about the droid planet and the factory.. ive never been able to get that with the xbox..
  11. well that cutscene between handmaiden and mira.. all i did was like just keep goin in and out of the ebon hawk several times and wait for the cutscene
  12. somewhere like on korriban in a cave (vision-like only)
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