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  1. When you get the Holograms of Vrook and Vandar, Vrook basically says the Exile was only a mediocre jedi at best. Now, as you play the Exile grows by leaps and bounds in power. So... 1. Was Vrook just jealous of the Exiles leadership ability?(since Disciple claims Exile was the better teacher). 2. Just cluless? 3. Or by becoming a 'wound in the force' did that amplify his apower? Also does anyone else think that Exile and Nihilus have some kind of connection? Everybody describes the Exile beeing either directly or indirectly responsible for all the jedi deaths. Maybe they were bunkmates at Malachor or sumthin. Just a random thought.
  2. But if a third game is made, I wouldn't mind race choices other than human. It would be interesting having a Twi'lek main character. Or some other force-capable race. Anyone else agree?
  3. So you don't have to fight her sisters? Do you get anything for beating all five? Oh, and thanks for the reply.
  4. Do you have to fight all her sisters to get her? Just curious, because my sentinel got beat down by a bunch of girls.
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