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  1. Hmm... i guess you're right about that. Let's leave it for the Exile. As for the Force Choke thing. I'm already working on unlocking some of the things but thanks for the file. I'll check it out
  2. Yeah, it sucks. When i used Kotor Tool and saw it i said what Smeagol said. YOU RUINS IT!! I would so very much want to have this dialog in the game. Not only would you be able to teach force and lightsaber forms, but you could be a true Dark Lord The Force Choke option would be especially nice to use on Mira since i find her arrogant. She gasses me and i can't even have revenge <_<
  3. It was cut... like so many other things. There is a similar thing with Mira. When you tell her: "I wanted to teach you some of the forms i have learned" she says: "This better not be any of that boring meditation stuff. Tha puts me to sleep" and the you have a Force Choke option. The whole form learning thing was completely cut.
  4. No i wouldn't. I payed once and i won't pay again.
  5. Gluupor: I love you Trask. Trask: Are you sure Gluupor?? Gluupor: Gluupor Wonky. :D :D :D :D
  6. Atton - You have to meet to Twi'Lek's on Nar Shaddaa. Talk to them and they will tell you something about Atton's past. Speak with Atton about it. You also have to gain some influence with him to make him say everything about his past. After that he'll ask you to train him in the ways of the Force Handmaiden - you have to spar with her and ask her about her mother. Like before you also need influence to make her say everything. Bao Dur - If you gain enough influence with him he'll eventually ask you to train him. Mira - Tell her that you can teach her. If you have enough influence
  7. Disturbing... very disturbing Who in the world would want his dog to wear one of those outfits
  8. The Star Forge. The whole battle is amazing, especially the final fight against Malak. Simply brilliant (w00t)
  9. I hate G0-T0 the most. Walks in to MY ship like he owns the place, orders me around, threatens to blow him self up if i don't do what he wants and i can't even kick his fat droid ass <_< I never used him. Not even once. I so very much wanted to break him down into components.
  10. Definitely Jawa language (w00t) My second favorite is the Rodian language.
  11. You: Patch please. Mandalore: Here you go.
  12. Black fits in best to her looks and personality in my opinion. Long black hair, that's how i think it is.
  13. Yeah i know it's nothing. I just said that it's always at the same place. My first reaction when i saw it was: "Hmm... i wonder how many components that will make" As you said it, saving before talking to merchants is a good idea. It's kind of frustrating though when you have to load the game several times to get something better. They should of left it the way it was in KOTOR 1. The concept of items appearing randomly is nice but after you get the same item yet again it becomes frustrating. Oh well. Save and load it is then We all do what we must.
  14. Well, there are some items that are always in the same place like Freddon Nadd's short lightsaber, but mots are completely random which generally sucks.
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