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  1. I was a bit disappointed when I first heard this but it's all good. I just hope when everything is said and done Brianna was there with the Exile as well as Mical.
  2. So I picked up the issue #5 of the kotor comic and I must say that this comic is absolutely amazing. Though this issue has a different artist it's still pretty good. The best part of the comic was the prophecy that the masters see. They see someone in a red spacesuit pretty much destroying the Jedi Order and recognize the person as a Sith. That's pretty much the reason why they killed their padawans. Did anyone else pick this up?
  3. I picked up issue #4 today and I must say that this has been the best comic of the series so far! The last issue left me feeling bad because the comic was so boring but this one definately redeems the series in my opinion. Instead of a flashback of Master Vandar we get him "live" talking to Zayne about the killing of the padawans and who do I see in the background in the academy on Dantooine... none other than Master Zhar and Master Vrook. I nearly wet myself. It was very nice seeing them. Plus there was a black girl sitting between them and I wonder who she was. She probably died by the time of K1 but who knows. But the mystery deepens in the overall story. I did notice that all the "evil" masters had green sabers instead of Lucien who had a blue one but I thought nothing of it. It turns out that both Zayne and Vandar found it strange, and maybe Zhar, that all the Masters on Taris were Consulars except Lucien. I wonder what significance that has. Anybody else pick up this comic?
  4. I picked up the #3 issue of the Kotor comic series and I must say this is probably the most boring so far. The best part was the ending of the comic when Zayne, Glyph and their new companions take off from the lower city. It reminded me of the Ebon Hawk taking of from Taris and from Peragus. Did anyone else get it? Does anyone else care?
  5. Nah. Kessel would be horrible. I read about it in the Jedi Academy Trilogy and there's not much to see there. Although Alderaan was mentioned in K1 by Saul Karath I don't think it would fit into the kotor enviroment. It would be better left in a cutscene like Coruscant was in K2.
  6. When you take the EU into consideration Luke isn't the most powerful Jedi in the New Jedi Order. Kyp Durron is more powerful, Anakin Solo might also be more powerful while it is often argumented that Revan was the most powerful Jedi in his time. How about that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nah. Like others have said Kyp was arguably one of the strongest Jedi but not as powerful as Luke, that's why Luke is made Grand Master. And Anakin Solo died before he could reach his "true" potential just like his grandfather got chopped up befor he realized his "true" potential.
  7. I've read all the pages of this topic and it must be said that if Revan and Luke are compared you must take into consideration all we know of Revan and Luke(including EU). I am a huge Revan fanboy and love the guy to death (bald black guy :D ) but if you take into account what Luke has done in the movies and in the EU I think he would beat Revan. Revan might have an edge because I am sure he was raised since he was a baby in the Jedi ways and Luke started when he was 19 or 20. In the end Luke>Revan.
  8. That's what happens when the game is rushed. But Vrook tells you that Vandar dies on Katarr no matter how you set Revan, IIRC.
  9. Well, I picked up Issue #0 today and I must say that, though short, it's, in my opinion, the best of the series. The guy named "Squint" is such a cool looking character. I have a feeling that Squint's master might be Kavar because Kavar was like the only master to have fought in the Mandalorian Wars, not so much to fight the Mandalorians but to protect Outer Rim worlds. And I have a feeling when Q'anilia talks about "Lines have crossed. Something has changed. Something bad. Something near. Several somethings." I think she talks about the Mandalorian's finally attacking the Republic from the 3 sectors.
  10. I would like to pick up that comic, I have the other two, but I haven't found time to get to the comic store. Maybe Monday or Tuesday. I heard that there are couple "guest" appearances. Is this true?
  11. Huh, I forgot to revive this old topic when I picked up my second issue. So far so good. Nothing interesting was happening till the end of the comic when Zayne says he has to retrace his path and Gryph says that the way to get off planet was through the undercity... that sounds great. Maybe they'll encounter Ragkgouls(sp?) or old Rukil. Or maybe some of the Beks or Vulkars. And if there is a TPB of the Tales Of the Jedi out I will definately have to look for it. The only one I've read so far was Dark Lords of the Sith. Those books are impossible to find.
  12. I think Malak would probably beat both Darth Vader's. Pre-suit Vader seemed too focused on power and what not and was beaten by Obi-Wan, who in my opinion isn't all that powerful. Malak would beat him. Vader suited up would be beat up by Malak because Vader didn't do much lightsaber fighting, as far as I know, after the Purge so I am sure he got rusty. But if it was Anakin before the turn he would own Malak.
  13. I've encountered MANY wikipedia articles with incorrect info... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I second that.
  14. My Revan was also the black bald guy. He was the only "normal" looking black guy to choose from. -Lightside -I really liked the dark jedi robes but the brown robes were cool too -green double-bladed lightsaber or single -I was a scout then went on to be a consular My Exile was the black dude with the dark cesar. -Lightside -I ended with the dark Jedi Master Robes but I also love all the Jedi Robes -green double-bladed lightsaber or single -started as a consular and went on to be a Jedi Master When K2 was coming out it was said that we wouldn't be Revan and I was cool with that but when I was choosing the face for my Exile I too was surprised that my Revan's face made a return but was disappointed because the unshaven face made him look kinda old to me. If my Revan were to return from the unknown regions I am sure that he would look exactly like that.
  15. I actually liked Vrook very much. If all Jedi were the same I would be annoyed. It was nice how Kavar was a cool type of Master and Vrook was a grump, it gave good balance.
  16. I've had a topic on the Kotor comic here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=39350&hl=
  17. Actually Carth tells you that in K2 when you say Revan was Lightside. Plus it is known that the "True Sith" are behind the Mandalorian Wars because in K1 Revan asks Canderous if honor and pride are the reasons the Mandalorians went to war and Canderous says that the Sith came to them with the offer to attack the Republic and then retreated back to their Empire afterwards.
  18. Just to put my two cents in, it was obviously the Sith or "True Sith" that manipulated the Mandalorians into attacking the Republic and then retreated back to their Empire. That's what Canderous told Revan. I guess they used this time to train and get ready for their own invasion when the time was right. I've been reading the NEC (New Essential Chronology) and the only conclusion I can draw from it is that these "True Sith" are the remnants of The Sith War. In the NEC it says that the Mandalorians gained strength after the Sith War but their Mandalore was killed and a new one rose up and started conquering planets and had territory that rivaled the Hutts. I would assume that the Sith recognized the strength the Mandalorians possessed and used it to their advantage while they waited for their time to strike.
  19. I agree that there is not a lot of content in the comic but it's still pretty good. And the comic is only $2.99 with no tax (w00t) . That surprised me because I never buy comics or books I just get them from the library. I wonder who the "she" is mentioned in the comic. :ph34r:
  20. So I went and picked up the comic today and it is very good. It mentions the Beks and Vulkars and leaves the reader on a big and mysterious cliff hanger. Anybody else get the comic?
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