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What did you name your ship?

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On my first run, I named my last ship, a junk, the "Herald of Berath."


On my second and current run, I named my current ship, a junk, the "Harold of Borat."


Jagshemash! Hide the pain, Harold!


Now you need to do this in the Luminous Bathhouse (3:22):






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 Cipher's galleon: "Ungentle Night". I imagine it went through a lot of changes whenever someone made a dirty joke about the name, until they ran out of budget to repaint it.


 Rogue's junk: "Imperial Phantom". He was very, very tempted to name it after Atsura just to see his reaction, but being in range of Rauatai's finest sharpshooter did wonders for his self preservation instinct.


 Barbarian's dhow: "Scuabtuinne", Wave Sweeper. The scourge of the seas!


 Currently I'm looking for some Huana name for the fourth playthrough.

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As I upgraded ships I named them in this order:






'cause I didn't want to think too hard. heh


RUSH fan?  :wub: 


I thought "the Defiant" was rather apt for what that ship had gone through, so I didn't change it. 

My current ship though is The Capricorn.

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