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  1. I wonder what is it about this godseed that makes Llengrath think it's a better fit than binding her past self to a construct a la Yseyr/Devil of Caroc... or grow some more mushrooms.
  2. Well it's a seed. What else one is supposed to do with it? He's an archmage, not a biologist.
  3. [Clever] "I'll remember it next time someone says they'll make me eat my words."
  4. I loved making some mushroom friends. Fassina's exasperation only made it so much funnier. Next time I play through it, I'll take Eder along, see if he has any comments or would ask if the Watcher would let him smoke some of his new buddies.
  5. Should this thread fail to help you like her, there is always an option of getting another priest. If you have Beast of Winter, the sidekick Vatnir is one. Unless you need Xoti for her subclass spells, perhaps he can fill the role. Otherwise, there are always customizable adventurers.
  6. That makes a surprising amount of sense. He and Aeldys are a thing, and he plays the harpsichord nicely so there's extra entertainment for the days when she's not in the mood...
  7. Now I imagine a Bleak Walker Watcher taking Benweth under her wing, teaching him the ropes, enjoying harpsichord arrangements of shanties... that sounds like a beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  8. I wish Moon Godlike had an option to call Tekehu 'big brother'. Or at least awkwardly call him out on religious incest when getting hit on.
  9. Eder being a ranger would be very precious, but I kind of want to see druid Eder abusing spiritshift to approach cuddly animals. Vatnir is a bit difficult - since he's an endings godlike, that means it's unlikely for him to pick up a class based on physical damage. Maybe Cipher to help him sell the high priest schtick - someone like Grieving Mother who has been using the power intuitively to support their daily life. I wonder if Maia could work as a ranger/fighter combo, to emphasize her soldierly nature. Perhaps a Devoted with rifle as a chosen weapon, to fit the sniper concept.
  10. My Watcher bought all the cats in Neketaka, but I assume a pirate queen has her own sources. "Avast ye scurvy sea dogs... actually, make it sea cats."
  11. I've had a fun experience on my Vailian Cipher (Aristocrat). At the start of the feuding families quest chain, when coming across the boys about to throw down, there was this dialogue option "I know a formal challenge when I see one". It was quite fitting. I also enjoyed playing a Rauatai character - the amount of faction interaction was quite fun. Zaris described the Rauatai experience quite well, leaving me with nothing to add. I remember also when I was playing a Moon Godlike, it was fun being acknowledged considering the Huana attitude towards the godlike and their worship of Ond
  12. The similarity in names got me thinking. Going from 'Thaos', Eothas literally got an extra E and moved O a little to the front. Considering Avellone's previous works on Planescape Torment and KotOR 2 , it makes me wonder if it was intentional.
  13. It might be a very long post since I want to address a lot of things. Apologies in advance - I will try to put my thoughts in order at least. 1. Romance My feelings on the matter are stupid enough for me to comfortable call myself a hypocrite over it. One of my hugest pet peeves is treating romance itself as a pinnacle of all relationship, something every relation between two (or more) people should aspire to be, something greater than any other connection people can share. I acknowledge that it's something a lot of people enjoy, but claiming that it's the be-all-and-end-all and finer than
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