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  1. I was hoping for a thread with a Deadfire version of Einstein on the Beach. Sometimes my profession gets the better of me. Joe
  2. Meh. What doesn't help, though, is that nothing after maxing out is actually hard to kill to warrant level progression. Even on PotD w/ scaling up. It is kind of nice to settle into a groove with the skills and abilities one has unlocked. Really, I kind of wish leveling up was inhibited a bit. Or better adversary scaling, either one would do. I mean, I know I don't HAVE to level up. But that's just crazy talk. Joe
  3. Huh. And I want a spell caster that doesn't run out of spells and has to resort to physical weapons to continue to do damage, because they're a, you know, spell caster. In PoE1 that was a way to have a pseudo multi-class without really having multi-class. Now you have multi-class. Joe
  4. Crazy. All these posts with Nvidia issues and it is the Radeon card letting me down. The Nvidia ran POE smooth as butter. The AMD card is crap. But I can put my Macbook Pro to sleep and use clamshell mode with the AMD. The Nvidia would crashed my Mac. Ah, Apple. Yet another reason I hate thee. Joe
  5. Maybe you'll get some traction. I pointed this out some time ago and got crickets. TBF, I often get crickets with my posts, so I just let it slide. Joe
  6. I'm not totally sure this is a bug or a function of the problems I've been having with my new graphics card. Or heck. maybe this is a new feature. It isn't game breaking but it is questionable. But when transitioning out of areas the screen there seem to be artifacts that don't dump. Not sure how to describe this, but I have attached a screen shot. Sometimes it is as pictured. Sometimes it is a remnant of dialog, or part of the HUD. My party is gone, but other things pop up. The screen goes black as usual, then this will pop back up before going black again. Joe
  7. Obviously one's MMV. I like the ability tree aspect, but I am not fond of the listing of available items on the left, especially if I am enchanting a specific item via the little '+' sign badge. It is confusing and TMI. If this were the screen for general enchanting, similar to the foods available when resting, I could see that. Joe
  8. Are you measuring your framerate or going by appearances? Thanks, Joe
  9. Although it makes me wonder if PoEIII is about becoming a god so we can take them on directly, the wussies. J... <poof>
  10. How are people on Macs measuring (if you are) FPS? I have a 2013 Macbook Pro that I recently purchased an eGPU set up that included an Nvidia 1050ti card. It ran PoE pretty flawlessly. The problem was that Nvidia seems to not be supported by macOS directly and wouldn't work in clamshell mode or sleep mode. I was running macOS Sierra at that point and I ran PoE in High graphics mode. So I bought an AMD RX560 aero and upgraded to High Sierra since it provided drivers for AMD cards builtin. I thought that would have been a comparable card, if not a little less. However, I have to back off on the graphics settings in PoE to get anywhere near the same performance. One thing I did notice is that when running in Fastspeed mode the AMD is a bit faster but also choppier and character movement more erratic. The Nvidia was smoother, no crazy Three Stooges mode in the movement, but maybe a tad slower. So I am trying to figure out a way to compare game performance with both cards. I got this set up specifically for PoE. Everything else I do was fine with the builtin graphics. A few other details: 2013 Macbook Pro 8 gigs ram SSD ViewSonic VX 2475 external monitor Akitio TB2 external enclosure connected by DP rather than HDMI or DVI I run the game in 1920x1080 resolution, both in the game and computer settings. I checked the box for "low resolution mode" as suggested by one website even though I have no idea what that means. Joe
  11. Yeah! I mean... wait... what??? Joe ETA> Although, seems like something like a katana could be either single handed or two handed wield with differing stats. Or someone with enough size and strength... er... might... could wield a two handed sword one handed. Joe
  12. That's already a thing. It's called a morningstar. Sure, but one is one-handed and the other two-handed. Different weapons. I want to see a different sort of weapon, like a pipe that smokes up the area as CC, or does spark or breath damage. Or a monocle that does ray damage of some kind. IDK, some atypical stuff. Joe
  13. Does the ring or necklace or whatever it is that's supposed to help hangovers help with drug crash? I never tried since never use svef, et. al. But I've always been curious. Joe
  14. I haven't met a sabre I didn't like. Most of the weapons sound more interesting than they really turn out to be. But the swords seem to be getting better love here than in PoE1. I did just see a rapier in Dunnage I am interested in trying out, when I get into the monetary windfall part of the game. Joe
  15. Careful there. Someone might complain about that being unbalanced and then we won't be able to hire any mercs until AFTER Port Maje. Joe
  16. Ah, now I remember the other hard fight! The bounty from Dessiral that takes place on the Sacred Stairs in Neketaka. I came back to it twice before I was strong enough to do enough damage to counter the constructs' self healing. Plus, as soon as I thought it was safe to cast an AOE spell, some local would walk through it and all of a sudden I am fighting local guards. I am pretty sure this was the fight I restarted the most. Joe
  17. I'm mostly agnostic. I liked where PoE1 ended up, I wasn't around for the early changes. I am dumbfounded why they felt the need to change. Things are different, but I don't think better, not really. I felt in PoE 1 i actually had a spellcaster specialist more so than in PoE 2. In tough battles my spell casters can run out of spells (especially in PotD) and end up slinging wands or whatever. That's not a spellcaster. That's a crippled ranger. But, really, whatevs. I wish I had waited a year to jump in, though. I do not like the rollercoaster ride of early game development until they get their sea legs. Buff that, nerf this, arbitrary balance issues that weren't issues before. That frustrates me more than anything. Joe
  18. Definitely PotD. I tried it with Eder and Xoti and put it off until after the digsite and Aloth. I just couldn't do it. Oops. Spoiler deleted. Joe
  19. As far as PotD toughest battles compared to the level I was able to achieve prior to the encounter, this still isn't the hardest to me. The thugs in Gorecci St, the dig site, and the shrine outside of Crookspur were all ones I had to either return to later or find someway to avoid. In terms of just grinding the enemy down Nemnok was the toughest. I never tried to fight the dragons. I might this playthrough, There was one other I can't remember, but they were self healing faster than I could do damage. THAT's frustrating. The Lich was harder for me than the fampyrs. Oh, and the Woedica Temple where Oswald was kidnapped. I jumped on that way too early in my career because I wanted Konstentine's room. Tip: don't trigger that encounter and decide to return after resting. Oswald bites it then. Luminous lobster and Capt Banquet didn't work 100% for me, though. I also had to take "Reduce negative affects" precautions so my time spent charmed was at least minimized. Joe
  20. And weapons. OMG! How do we keep players from spamming fighting back? Next thing you know players will want to fight with their fists! The point of the game is to lose every encounter! Why can't people get that? Geez! Joe Lol. You know you can win PotD solo without items or equipment? Besides the reason I want stealth removed from non stealth classes is because there is hardly any difference between classes in terms of skills. Anyone can do anything in this game. It's incredibly unrewarding to pick a specific class because they're all so similar in the end. I agree. But every time I say something like that I am accused of being anti Role Playing, when that's all I want out of the game. Somehow all the classes being able to do nearly all the same things at nearly all the same ability is more flexible? At that point, just do away with the classes altogether. PoE1 was already pretty darn close to multi-class, what with how the attributes treated everyone the same—I didn't need to multi-class to have a melee wizard, or a spell casting fighter or a rogue for traps and secrets. Now al I wanted was an animal companion and because of some dweebs who can't keep it in their quickslot, I have to suffer with charges for figurines? No thank you. Joe
  21. And weapons. OMG! How do we keep players from spamming fighting back? Next thing you know players will want to fight with their fists! The point of the game is to lose every encounter! Why can't people get that? Geez! Joe
  22. At that point, just ditch them. What's the point of keeping them around? Those and traps. Joe
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