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  1. Thank you for the swift answers! I took a rest in an Inn and promptly recovered from my Svef-Crash. I will stick with prostitutes to keep my stats high from now on! Konstante is always welcome on my ship~
  2. So yeah. Ive been drawing the crash-effect from Svef for like, the majority of my game now. and what i thought would be useful to use in Hour 7 of the game, Im now more than a bit unnerved that I cant find a way - ANY WAY - to get rid of the crash malus. Does it go away after a week? Do i need to rest a certain number of times? does the Svef Crash effect stay FOREVER? Please help PS: Dont do svef kids. you gonna snot your brains out.
  3. Hallelujah! Your hotfix SOLVED the issue! With the new patch I can start the game without problem now! Thank you so much for your support jlee and the PoE Support-Team! You have my gratitude (and my weekends of playtime).
  4. the override-folder wasn't there. I created an override folder per your instructions, restarted pc and tried starting the game. Sadly still black screen.
  5. Here's the output log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15eOvvJCh5Y6i1AY-ijaHQ5K5w1OPhQG7/view?usp=sharing I will try out the override thing and report back if it worked later.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried all of your suggestions. sadly to no avail. Black screen is still black.
  7. No, I have no mods installed.I do use the DLC's. I have turned them off now, but that didnt fix the issue sadly.
  8. @mammasaura No i do not use mods. I do use the DLC's. I have deactivated them for testing. That didnt fix it either.
  9. Hello, I'm having the BlackScreen Bug. Mine seems to differ a bit from the usual reports I have found on this forum. When starting the game, the Game doesn't even load. It's just a Black-Screen (the Steam symbol however does appear in the bottom right corner). The Mouse cursor is a regular mouse cursor, and there is no sound. I also dont see the logos or anything. its just black. I'm using a AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series. Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz 8GB RAM. Windows 7 - 64 I was able to play the game once before. On Sunday the 1st, of July. It played just fine, no problems. But since the newest patch on 3rd of July, the Black Screen appears. I don't know if the patch caused the issue, but since then I cannot play the game anymore. I have tried: Updating Graphics Card driver Updating Motherboard Drivers changing resolutions on the monitor (as suggested in some of the other bug-threats) Deinstalling and reinstalling the game restart the PC light 36 candles and pray to Eothas none of the above worked. But the candles helped calming my nerves at least. Please Help
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