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  1. Well, each game gave me different impressions. PoEI captured me because of its characters; From the start, each one had their own theme or characteristic that made them unique. I loved talking to them and reading their stories (even *gasp* Durance, whose story twist I didn't anticipate). Their quest resolutions were fulfilling and in par with how things had developed through the game. I felt that, by the end, I was playing POEI, not so much for the storyline, but because I had bonded with the characters. Hiravias and Sagani are still my favourite. Tyranny's storyline was more tightly packed,
  2. RUSH fan? I thought "the Defiant" was rather apt for what that ship had gone through, so I didn't change it. My current ship though is The Capricorn.
  3. Well, it depends. Do you mean that some of them decide to do their own thing for a bit? I can't speak of the others, but of Xoti I know: I mean, sure, the realist cynic in me shakes their head, but her actually sitting down and writing you a letter every day? Damn. You got my attention. Of course, it's your influence! Your little "goody-two-shoes" attitude! How dare you encourage her to - you know, not **** people over in their time of need! The sheer nerve of some people!
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