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  1. I know this sounds like I'm asking too much but I would like one Godlike representative of each God (excluding the ones that have representatives already).
  2. What type of subclasses is everyone looking forward to? Lore based? Specialist of some sort? Just overall "funny" subclasses?
  3. You like D1 & 2 more than 3? I've enjoyed each one for different reasons. I'm not saying D3 is bad. I prefer D2 the most.. maybe because I spent a lot of time when I was young playing into the night. Going back, I still enjoy it except the graphics are dated compared to D3 which is to be expected (I still enjoy the atmosphere of D2 more even though D3 is beautiful in it's own right.
  4. I have to say I disagree. Diablo series as a whole, I can agree. I've played both extensively recently. DLC included for both, my investment for D3 is my love for the series as a whole and the LOOT. Lol.
  5. Thanks, everybody! A lot of great ideas with quick switching, back-up weapon, ect. I really would like to see more crossbows and arbalests before/during/after the last DLC (even if it's one more each). The one that scales with Arcana doesn't work for me well and Fleetbreaker comes too late to enjoy for me.
  6. I know regular bows (Hunting and War) and firearms have their nice roles. What could the Arbalest and crossbow fulfill as a weapon in builds?
  7. I might be crazy but in the youtube video about the Microsoft partnership with Obsidian at 1:15 has someone at his home screen typing with nothing open? Maybe it is just blurred. I'm sorry for being off topic but this topic had me looking about the internet.
  8. Hopefully! I really would like to see it end in trilogy (at least, not counting possible side spin-offs) in the future.
  9. There is spoilers in this link but certain dialogues have prerequisites and swing the Duc in a certain direction if you want your outcome. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Animancy_hearings Here is a link on Reddit with spoilers about what you need to temper him. It includes certain information like about not being able to use animancy or Aloth's point. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5wc5sh/wm2_spoilers_tempering_guide/ I'm sorry I can't provide a direct answer and you may have seen these pages already. Also, there is something about tempering him
  10. I was thinking about funding the next project for Pillars of Eternity regardless of the share price. To help fund the game and get returns on it isn't that bad. Of course, the end product has to feel rewarding (good) to feel worth it, imo. To add, I seriously want to have some kind in-game creation to live on in the game.
  11. I don't play POTD due to the fact I'm not that great (anything below is fine) plus a lot of my builds would be sub optimized in that difficulty. I'd rather build flavorful and RP builds. That's not to say you can't have both as PoE and Deadfire have shown in their build topics that it is possible.. just not mine. Lol. I always look at starting attributes as a headstart into your final build. Resolve has always taken away from CON for me. If Resolve was taken out, I'd likely commit some points to Con. Especially if Con takes the -% hostile effects. To add, I'm not saying I recommen
  12. I really enjoy the fighter with plenty of affliction resistances, high resolve(deflection), heavy AR, large shield (more deflection), plus a lot of engagements. His DPS isn't the greatest but the survivability is almost immortal.
  13. I think the "check marks" by your post means I "upvoted" your posts. Lol. Thanks, man. That's very thorough. I hope Battle Forged gets scaled at some point to at least get it out of crap tier.
  14. Does the +2 Fire Power Level from Magran's Favor (weapon) increase Burn Lashes? Does it increase the damage from Fire Shield/Greater Fire Shield enchantment (or the bash damage) from Magran's Blessing (shield). Does it increase burn damage from the Battle Forged Fire Godlike racial? I'm on my phone so it's hard to find it. I know it sounds crazy but I'm trying to build a Fire Godlike with increases to Fire Power levels. Any recommended class? I was thinking Paladin with Magran's sword and shield since FoD and such have Fire keywords. Open to any ideas you have.
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