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  1. The Pallid Knights? Too obvious? I'm guessing they would be devoted to seek out those that try to escape the cycle and return them to it. Some kind of ability against undead probably. Dispositions: Stoic and rational.
  2. Any changes to how int and dex work in turn-based, considering that they are total dump stats at the moment?
  3. Sounds very contradictive considering Outer Space is a combination of, specifically, those two things.
  4. Deadfire, in almost all aspects. Main things I love are: Open world, multiclasses, overall better graphics, no huge boring dungeons, slightly less pretentious writing, streamlining of class skills. Can't say much about companions since I almost never use them but I remember how much I hated almost all companions in PoE (which was the reason I stopped using them). Also PoE felt like a real slog before I could "get into" it. Once I forced myself over that threshold it was fun to play but it took a while to get there. I never felt that slog period with Deadfire, although I realize that might be because I already played the first game before it.
  5. PoTD, no pause, blindfolded, high on hallucinogens and every time a party character dies, you cut one of your fingers off.
  6. I was playing with a Battlemage (Fighter/Wizard) and I had her cast a whole bunch of spells on every combat start which would have been tedious without scripts but with my script I never even had to think about it.
  7. Keep dreaming, buddy. I know I will. Activision owns the IP and it's very unlikely that they would sell it to another game developer and even less likely that they would use it themselves.
  8. I like that idea! Maybe we'll be asked to infiltrate said city, and maybe we'll be covered in some magical illusions, masking our true identities. But we'll also need a fake name to complete our cover... Hmm, what about 'Veldrin'?
  9. Yeah, I reported this a long while back, as well. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106718-cant-disarm-any-traps/ I wasn't able to detect or disable the traps but the mouse pointer changed when hovering over the area. Very annoying.
  10. It would make little sense to call it PoE3 if it wasn't a continuation, and probably conclusion, of the Watcher's story. I think it would be cool to see other stories set in Eora with other titles but only after the Watcher's story is finished.
  11. Not that many interesting mods so far, but I have: Enhanced User Interface, Backgrounds unlocked and Subclasses unlocked.
  12. I use Aloth's. New unique spells are great, but there will be some for sure. Ah yeah, Aloth's is pretty good looking too, but sometimes you just want sleeves. I would love something that looked like Aloth's but with long sleeves and more draping cloth or whatever (more "robey" )
  13. A cool looking robe. Currently there are none, so I usually just use Xoti's clothes for my caster. A unique spell or two. Those are fun and makes grimoires feel more worthwhile.
  14. FTFY Aye, barbeque wizard with ketchup missiles and flaming rolls. Don't forget Mustard Gas.
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