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  1. I only buy new games on GOG. I still use Steam, but I only buy games if they have a deep discount or redeemed from a bundle. So if you want my money, and I want to give it to you, release it on GOG and I will buy it day one. Otherwise, I'll pick it up in a few years when it's 75% off on Steam.
  2. I just read the MS news about this. This sentence sums it all up: Their priority is creating loyal Xbox fan(boys). This means UWP + Windows Store + XBone exclusives. So the chances of Obsidian games on GOG, Steam and other consoles is very slim.
  3. ^^^ I really hope this doesn't mean your games will only be on the Windows/xbox store. I'm sick of intrusive DRM infecting my system and having multiple online clients to play games, so it's now GOG or nothing.
  4. Whoever handled packaging the physical goods, never use them again. I didn't receive a shipping notice and found a the package arrived today (I did find it in the SPAM after receiving this update). I saw who it was from and knew what it was. I rushed in and opened the box only to find the larger box, which I assume is the statue, has a corner crushed in. There is no damage to the outside of the box, so the box was damaged before being packed up. I haven't unpacked the box until I find out what to do about it. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/86hCbtw
  5. Since the deadline for upgrading to the super-pet tier is closing Friday, I'm bumping this up hoping I can get some kind of official answer before it's too late.
  6. I asked a question a question back in February about the super pet tier and never got an official answer. I had an interesting idea of how my pet would be found and her requirements for joining your party (because she wouldn't follow just anyone) and what her buff could be. I never finalized my pledge on the backer portal because I was still thinking about upgrading, but I'd like to know if what I want to do is possible before I drop that kind of money.
  7. I can't log into the backer portal. I tried on the old Pillars backer URL because I'm trying to access something from the original Pillars portal. After submitting my login there, it forwarded me to the new Pillars 2 portal, but the page just seems to refresh and I'm still on the login screen. I tried resetting my password just in case, and for some reason that locked me out for 15 minutes. Now that the 15 minutes have passed, I still can't log in.
  8. Hmm, I swear I replied a while back, must have hit preview instead of submit. I know I can chose the creature, look, name and buff. I want to know if I can specify other things like where you find the pet and how you acquire it. My pet is picky and won't just follow anyone.
  9. I've noticed people with a LoER backer badge on the forum. How do I get mine? I never saw it on the backer site.
  10. I'm considering upgrading (if that's possible) or grabbing a slacker backer to create a super pet. Before I do though, what exactly do you get to create other than the texture and buff?
  11. I have a different question for those of us that pre-ordered through KS, which I didn't think of until now. My KS tier included two digital copies of PoE and the disk. I added $20 for the expansion, will I only get a digital key for one expansion or two? What about the DRM free disk?
  12. My physical box arrived today! I was sitting here at the computer this morning when I receive an email titled "Your order has been delivered." I almost deleted it thinking it was spam because I hadn't ordered anything recently, but then I notice it's from Paradox Interactive and remembered that they were fulfilling the physical goods for PoE. I rushed to the front door and there was a box on the front porch! I should probably ask this in a separate post, and I will if no one reading this knows (I did a brief search). Since the DVD version in the box is v1.04, where do we get patches for it? It's not really a big deal since I redeemed my digital KS reward on GOG, but I'm just curious.
  13. You can use Steam's Family Sharing and share your libraries with each other. Your wife can play games in your library and you can play games in hers, just not at the same time. Kind of takes some of the fun out of playing together Put the Steam client that has PoE in offline mode. This frees up that library for family sharing and you can both play it.
  14. You can use Steam's Family Sharing and share your libraries with each other. Your wife can play games in your library and you can play games in hers, just not at the same time.
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