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  1. I managed to catch Josh Sawyer on his Twitch stream and asked him. He said he too thinks it's referring to Iovara.
  2. Are you sure that's who it's referring to though? She isn't forgotten, she just used her cipher powers to go unnoticed. I was thinking it was something in WM2 at the temple of Ondra where you take Maneha. For some reason I was thinking there was someone there that was forgotten to the world.
  3. In the Forgotten Sanctum, while talking with Fyonlecg, after he asks if I know who he is, I have an option which is flagged as a result of a choice I made in the first game to say "I knew someone once who'd been forgotten by the world." I imported my save from the previous game, but I don't know who that's referring to. This is driving me crazy. I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about it. It does feel familiar, but I just can't quite remember. Does anyone know who that is referring to?
  4. Just an update for anyone that cares. I went to Dunnage, and after dealing with Furrante it seems to have sorted out the Principi quest line. I outed Furrante for dealing with slavers, so they hung him. Aeldys took over and gave me the quest to capture the Floating Hangman, however her other quest, A Shrewd Proposition, is still broken, still telling me to meet her in Fort Deadlight. I even made the candied nuts she asked for in her letter. The VTC quest, Of Like Minds, updated after Furrante was killed, but it's bugged too. It now tells me to Investigate Crookspur island. I've alre
  5. I ended up going about other business because I didn't think I'd be siding with the Principi anyway. The RDC gave me a quest to wipe out the slavers at Crookspur. When I got there, there was a woman on the beach who thought Aeldys sent me. After talking to her, one of the quests, A Shrewd Proposition, updated telling me Aeldys wants me to disrupt the slave operation. I wiped out the slavers and freed the slaved, and the quest updated telling me to return to Aeldys. I went back to Fort Deadlight, but I have no dialog options with her other than to say Farewell. After the Huana Queen a
  6. I just ran into this bug with the latest version ( I returned to Neketaka after doing a few quests, one of which was clearing Crookspur. I went to The Brass Citadel first, which started the Final Maneuver quest. I don't intend to ally with the RDC, and I can't tell them no. When I speak to Hazanui Karū, I can only agree to join them or say not right now. I then went up to Serpent's Crown, and Nungata and Una are both missing (and I really need some pyrite). I thought maybe it was too late and they were gone for the night. I know Una is only at her stand during the day, b
  7. The last part of the main quest I did was meeting Eothas at Magran's Teeth. When I returned to the palace after that, Aeldys did barge in. I guess you're expected to go see her before that. The dialog I have with her now seems to be me having to decide whether to side her or Furrante.
  8. I did a search, but I didn't find any topics about this. I have quests from the Valian and Principi that are overlapping that involve Captain Aeldys and Captain Furrante. Maybe I did things in an order that wasn't planned for, but Aeldys seems to be bugged. I killed Benweth earlier in the game, then I don't remember the exact order of what I did next. I know Furrante wanted me to meet him in Dunnage after dealing with Benweth, but I didn't do that immediately afterward. A little while later I got a missive from Aeldys to come see her, but I was busy with other things at the moment to
  9. I started Pillars 2 yesterday and noticed that in Steam it's showing everyone my character's name, class, level and stuff about what I'm doing. I don't mind people seeing what game I'm playing, but I don't want this much information being broadcast to everyone on my friends list. How do I turn it off? I've tried playing with the Steam privacy settings and couldn't find a setting to disable just this extra information. Searching the Steam forums I found posts that said that the setting to disable showing this extra information should be in the game. I looked in the game's options and don'
  10. I guess this never got fixed, and probably never will. I too put this on Grieving Mother. She has had that armor for a little while now and there is no telling how many times she has blinded Durance before I noticed it tonight. She also has One-Eyed Molina's Gold-Fingered Spike-Flinger, which I also just found out is broken while searching for this armor bug. I guess it's time to re-evaluate her equipment.
  11. Sorry to necro this. I backed at the physical collectors edition with the White March addon ($160 total), but I only started playing fairly recently. I have the ring, space pig, obsidian cloak and the achievement, but not the tiny obsidian wurm. It's been so long since the Kickstarter I had forgotten about it and only discovered that I didn't have it while searching for something else. I hope I'm not too late.
  12. I only buy new games on GOG. I still use Steam, but I only buy games if they have a deep discount or redeemed from a bundle. So if you want my money, and I want to give it to you, release it on GOG and I will buy it day one. Otherwise, I'll pick it up in a few years when it's 75% off on Steam.
  13. I just read the MS news about this. This sentence sums it all up: Their priority is creating loyal Xbox fan(boys). This means UWP + Windows Store + XBone exclusives. So the chances of Obsidian games on GOG, Steam and other consoles is very slim.
  14. ^^^ I really hope this doesn't mean your games will only be on the Windows/xbox store. I'm sick of intrusive DRM infecting my system and having multiple online clients to play games, so it's now GOG or nothing.
  15. Whoever handled packaging the physical goods, never use them again. I didn't receive a shipping notice and found a the package arrived today (I did find it in the SPAM after receiving this update). I saw who it was from and knew what it was. I rushed in and opened the box only to find the larger box, which I assume is the statue, has a corner crushed in. There is no damage to the outside of the box, so the box was damaged before being packed up. I haven't unpacked the box until I find out what to do about it. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/86hCbtw
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