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  1. So I suck at these types of games & everyone keeps talking about how good Ciphers are. I'm looking for a easy wood Elf ranged Cipher build to use that won't require me to micro-manage every fight. Sounds like I wanna max Might,Dex & Int.....but what Powers & Talents should I get?
  2. That's not normal. Sounds like you should uninstall and redownload the files from GOG or delete the local content in Steam and redownload.
  3. @Vetiver check your Order page...it should say "Kickstarter only in-game achievement and item." which is not the piglet or ring....those are general pre-order items (ie anyone who preordered through Steam or GOG)
  4. Baramos is correct....that's the preorder items (ie preorder from steam or GOG) but not the Kickstarter only item. I'm worried about starting and getting it later and having to start from scratch.
  5. I've seen several threads but so far I haven't seen an answer yet. Anyone know?
  6. Check your Product page...mine is now letting me select a platform.
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