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  1. Yes, you can. You need to skill up a certain skill (forgot which one), to free the dragon. Just look around in the room and read what you need, then leave the room and reskill your character in the bathhouse. Skill the skill as high as you need and come back. Don't worry, you can reskill your character again. With this exploit you should free the dragon, if your skill-level isn't already high enough.
  2. Hopefully, we will hear soon something about PoE3. Tyrannys story for me ended after one game. The story was finished, everything else would just be padding. But with PoE I think, that there is still enough room for another game left.
  3. Hmm, nah, don't think so. We have still a party and Larian got good with those turnbased games. But it will have certainly more cinematics and all that, I think. Swen wants to be better with every game and I imagine he wasn't satisfied with the mostly textbased drama of the Original Sin-games. I think it will play like Original Sin, but look a bit like Dragon Age in conversations. And to be honest, the more I think about the game, the more hyped I get.
  4. Ys:Seven and Ys: Memories of Celceta. First is fun, after changing the graphic and the controls a bit, second doesn't start and now I'm waiting for an answer by GOG. Hrm. Sad because, I was really excited for that one.
  5. Started Ys:Seven yesterday, thanks to a sale. And after configuring the controls a bit I must say ... I'm hooked. It's still the good old Ys'ian hacking and slashing, but now I have companions at my side and that makes it double awesome. If possible, I would only play as Dogi, because there's nothing manlier than putting your enemy down, only with your fists, YEAH! Surprised how good that works after Oath in Felghana and Origins and curious how the story will unfold (I already know what is about, but that HOW is often more interesting than the WHAT).
  6. Started playing Dragon Quest VIII again, after letting it rest for over a year. Should have done it earlier, because this games makes me feel relaxed. You have to take your time to play through it and spend hours grinding, so you don't need to hurry through it. And when one character reached a level you feel that you achieved your goal for this day, so you can put it down. Besides that, I still found this quite charming in all aspects: It has a simple but intense story about pain and how to react to it, sympathetic characters, a fairytale atmosphere and the monsters are still creative and so C
  7. Some Mass Effect 1 (just to finish it ONCE) and some Dungeon Rats. Maybe I will even go back to Deadfire until my laptop is updated enough to play the Definitive Edition of Original Sin 2.
  8. I finished Deadfire four months ago and then I let it rest a while. I didn't hate the ending, but what I mostly thought was "what was this all about?" I didn't think we would fight Eothas, but I thought there would be something. We did all this work and then this ending. But a few sleepless nights ago I got an idea: what if this was the whole point? To ask ourselves, what one individual, even a capable one as the Watcher, could really do to change the world? We did so much throughout our journey, influenced leaders of nations and changed the course of history forever. But that was
  9. When I bought my second one, I called mine the Iovara, to honour her free spirit and because my char was in love with her in a different life.
  10. I think if you play your character delibarate, you defintely have more fun with the games story. Deadfire is more about the small adventures you discover throughout the game, tied togwther by one theme: what can one person do to change the world? At least that's what I took away from it, when I roleplayed my character (Dwarven Deathgodlike, Kind Wayfarer, angsty Mercenary Background since he was the only one that survived a big battle). Enjoy the journey and post what you think .
  11. Dungeon Rats. Playing another walkthrough of Age of Decadence (this time with an ending I LIKE), made me curious. Have to say: this time the combat works and is FUN!
  12. The funny thing is, the more you read about history and people, the more less cartoonish Malak appears. Stupid, yes, but not unrealistic anymore. There were enough men that thought burning and killing everything until the other side (ha!) gives up, is a legit tactic. Doesn't make Malaks portrait more interesting, just a more depressing. Oh, glass-the-planet thing isn't cartoonish, but his delivery of, well, everything is. Things like "Mwahahahaha! Lady, imma gonna zap you until you turn eeeeevil! Muahahahahaha!!!" He even literally goes "Mwahahahahaha!!!!" at least once. Fair
  13. The funny thing is, the more you read about history and people, the more less cartoonish Malak appears. Stupid, yes, but not unrealistic anymore. There were enough men that thought burning and killing everything until the other side (ha!) gives up, is a legit tactic. Doesn't make Malaks portrait more interesting, just a more depressing.
  14. I think this is how it works and then they use the Adra to get back into this world, through ... dunno, the atmosphere? The magnetic field of Eora? Something like this. I guess it was kind of random, until the Engwithans automised it. I guess only the strongest souls could make it?
  15. This. In the end, all of them besides the VTC are concentrated on the old-fashioned way of preserving powder (or in case of the principi: partying like there is no tomorrow). The Ducs are also a bunch of jackasses, but Castrol has a vision for the future, that could help the world regenerate, which in the long term should be more helpful, than just another empire (although it doesn't negate the fact, that the Vailians may build another Wheel in the future, just because they can).
  16. Okay, this is a short one: Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight - Saga This games lives more from it's crazy content than it's story (and is one of my all-time favorites). The plot is okay, I think, but there is one think, that plagued this game (and later The Enhanced Edition of Original Sin 1): Damian, the big bad, appears, taunts you a few times and then runs away. He is also a living god and there is no explanation, why he doesn't just kill us (except one time, were "he" used us, but that was more eardropping, than planning). So how are you gonna fix this? Otherwise I would
  17. My favorites were: - Neketaka: This is a lovely big city, that just feels good to explore. I like also how the devs managed it, to make it feel like it's own thing. - Factions are not as strong as I wished they were, but they give a good idea what you could do in the Deadfire Archipelo - Sailing is actually quite cool and I love my sailors shanties. - Character models and animations are a big plus, because now every playerrace looks cool enough, that you want to play them. - More extra dialogues for races and classes. Stuff like this make me really interested to create more characters
  18. I liked the VTC the most, because their experiments with the Wheel gave us insights in the working of the cosmos and I like the internal bickering between the leading parties. I found that the group had an interesting internal conflict. The Principi are a close second, because pirates are fun and I like their endgoal (finding the ghostship).
  19. Well, how is it? The reviews were positive, but I watched a little bit of a let's play and it took it's time until the game startet. But this wasn't an indepth-look, so how does it hold up?
  20. Desperados Wanted: Dead or Alive I should get prepared for part 3!
  21. Sword Legacy: Omen. Strange name, nice game.
  22. I think the first Divine Divinity has aged quite well. Besides the clunky interface with the potions, the gameplay is still fastpaced, the story is solid and the graphics look nice enough. Every game that I can end with turning the last boss in a frog is a good game .
  23. NWN 2 and addons aged quite good and it is different enough from game 1 to be it's own unique thing.
  24. This thread needs some threadomancy: I finished the game a month ago and it was fun. There are choices, but mostly not in the dialogues, but in the way how you want to spend your day (learning, chosing a course, etc). The combat is not very complex, but allows varriety through gadgets and maybe spells. You can miss a lot, if you don't play careful (should have chosen that Wizardcourse, humph), but it motivates to play again. The story is good too. It's not about saving the world this time, but about growing up and how you choose spending your life. I liked it and I think I will replay i
  25. I found the story really not that bad, as long as you "explore" it. What I mean is, that the narrative works as one big detective quest: you want to find out who you are, what star stones are and you slowly unravel all the mysteries around. Your reward are smal pieces of the big plot. The story doesn't work, when it wants to implement drama. The big bad and her drama with has nothing to do with the main-characters and the theme of their backstory (failing), so making it more important in the Enhanced Edition was a mistake. The other additions to the game are welcome tough and if the st
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