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  1. I found it yesterday. Sure, it felt a bit dissapointing. But after all, Waidwen was just farmer boy who put more thought into religion than the others. No education. So even if he had his own mind, at least more than his fellow eothasians, he was just dragged along by Eothas. Unlike the Watcher, he was still lost in this godly crap. Eothas didn't even bothered telling him the truth about the gods. He lived through lost of both his parents in young age, crazy father and hard life as farmer. Usually people in same conditions would think just about food and f*ck. But he did more. I would say his
  2. I could swear that I had convinced him to come along, but I don't remember any interaction later. It triggered when I tried. It's in the very end of the game. The last confrontation with Eothas.
  3. 1. Your Nerves (I mean, honestly, It's lovely to enjoy the moment when your character says "I'm *whoever*, captain of Your Nerves.") 2. The Bad Poetry
  4. Heya, I already finished the game once and I"m currently playing Beast of Winter and I'm not sure what outcome I want for Waidwen. I'd really love to take him with me to face Eothas. But if there's no chat between him and the **** load of a god, I'll better use him to help me against the boss. So is there any extra chat between Eothas and Waidwen or not? Thanks for answer
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