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Found 135 results

  1. Hello, when I try to talk to Llengrath after having Tayn modify the Annals, she has no options other than saying she in occupied with the task at hand.
  2. Please see this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98181-quest-a-sorcerer-and-a-gentleman/ It seems that the Serafen quest still doesn't have a real ending. At least none of the patch release notes mentioned that this was fixed (as i write this, 1.2 is the latest version). Could the developers comment on this please? Do you plan to fix this? If yes, when? Or is it intended this way? Since I saw this bug, I haven't played a minute. I'm quite disappointed.
  3. So I told Xoti to rekindle the fires of Hel, take care of the living instead of the dead and generally move toward the light, but whenever she visits an adra pillar, she ends up absorbing the souls and going full psycho out of nowhere. Is this tied to her approval (currently at 1) or the number of special encounters with souls (I think also only 1, because I like to switch out different party members)? Or is it bugged? And if so, is there any fix for it other than going back 20 hours of gameplay and hope it doesn't happen the same way?
  4. Quick question regarding the Blade of the Endless Paths and Whisper of the Endless Paths in both Deadfire and PoE1. I've heard conflicting reports that not finding the pieces of the Blade of the Endless Paths aboard your ship in Deadfire is a bug or not. I was under the impression that the pieces of the Blade, along with those of the Whispers of Yenwood, were in your cupboard if you recovered both weapons in Pillars of Eternity at some point. The Fextralife article here, however, seems to indicate that you have to deliberately fail the Blade of the Endless Paths task and not reforge the sword so you get the pieces in Deadfire, and if you DO reforge the sword in the first game, it's lost forever. So...which is it? Is this a bug or a feature? I want to know before completing the first game, so I know whether I have to fail the quest or not. I'm a bit of an obsessive completionist, so the idea that I can't get the Whispers of the Endless Paths if I'm too thorough with doing quests in the first game bugs me, to say the least!
  5. During the quest "Skipping Ahead", when you get back to the tower and kill the mercenaries Flaune will disappear (hide) and reappear after they are dead. What happened to me is that I killed them, ran down the stairs after talking to her, went back to the top to see if I missed any dialog, but instead she just ran off and disappeared. Now I cant complete the quest "Sabotage at the Brass citadel" and "The Man of Chimes", I also dont have a recent save from before the bug happened and cant undo it. Is there a way to fix this (can I spawn her back in with a console command?) or will I have to finish the game without being able to finish these 2 quests?
  6. Hi, I am stuck doing the RDC quest A Matter of Import. i have the quest in the log, and the giver tells me to goto the location marked on my map to collect cargo to take somewhere else Sadly Captin Widla's ship isn't marked on my map. The guest says its to the west of Nekataka, but ive travel and cleared the fog on the whole west side of the map and cannot find the captin. So as you cant removed quests and retake them like most games, can someone show me a map reference of where captin Widla would be None of the walkthroughs or Wiki pages ive scoured google for have actually shown where the rondevous point is, only that i have to go and get a cargo. Any help would be great, or if anyone else has had the same issue to Bump the post. Kind regards, mosez
  7. I played through the game up until the point where Act 4 starts. Durance has been a member of my party all this time, but the quest has not progressed past the following quest description: I never went through all the dialogue with him until after I realised this at the end of Act III. His special dialogue was present for the piece of the Godhammer, as well as during the conversation with Magran. But I cannot seem to trigger the quest to continue on. I have tried resting 6 times in the wild, moving from location to location in between each rest. I have gone through all the dialogue 3 times. Nothing seems to help. Any idea on how to get this quest to continue, or how to manually edit the save file to trigger the next part of the quest?
  8. I cannot get a peaceful resolution to the quest Family Pride. I got both families to agree to a peaceful meeting but when I enter the Valero house the vault attack starts without any chance to get a peaceful meeting. Is this intended or an inconsistency? savegame: https://mega.nz/#!ERoQlaRZ!0fGAZvZOwJUhX-T0ecmxEA3l7ZbVdjVtjfZHZXK9CMg
  9. I did the "A Glimpse Beyond" quest and now I'm stuck with the seemingly permanent "Burden of Memory" stat debuff. Has anyone encountered this and knows of a way to get rid of it? -2 might and resolve is a pretty hefty price to pay for something I did in the first game.
  10. The soul piece in its dialogue says that in PoE1 I returned the souls to the Wheel, while I restored them to the Hollowborn. Steam, v., all DLC. Screenshot and the savefile: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CowYtc7xx6Hr7FtZArcCX5gdLCcAADbZ
  11. So in Neketaka, I did the Old City immediately after getting Maia and Pallegina in my party (not my active party). I had yet to actually have Pallegina in the party actively so I hadn't even yet spoken to her. After popping out in the smugglers cavern, heading up the platform to Delver's Row, the dead godlike that is part of her personal quest chain was there and already active. If I click on the godlike I get the regular watcher stuff and then Pallegina starts talking but she is not there.... To clarify, Pallegina's quest is active without her ever being spoken too, and she will start her reaction lines to finding the dead godlike. hope this works this is the save file right next to the area, this is quite a ways after i first encountered the bug but didnt make a save at the time. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A8BWKJ_O1WdgxHnYTc2R00segmoJYnyn/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hello, loving the game so far. Ran into my first snag, finding Captain Teryc Lofell to begin The Final Voyage quest. There is virtual nothing on the net about this NPC, other than that he is on the bridge to Hasanga Palace in Serpent Crown. However, he is not there. He is not on any bridge in Serpent Crown, nor is he in the palace either. Does anyone please know where Teryc Lofell is?
  13. I have a quest in my journal to turn into Prince Aruihi. The quest I can't remember the specific name of, but it was searching for the map to Ukaizo (that VTC members were already on the island searching for). However, I didn't do this quest until after I'd gone to speak with Queen Onekaza, and had the Maia ultimatum (unfortunately I didn't save before this, which was a mistake but also another reason for me to now do a second playthrough), where I decided not to side with the Huana. Now, the quest just sits in my journal, and wasn't cancelled by not siding with them, but if I speak to Aruihi I just get him telling me to leave.
  14. Description: If you have them ITEM_QUEST_Bekarna_Almanac before robbing Arkemyr you get a bug. When you give the clay tablet to your client, the imp summons you to the Manson. But Arkemyr is already at the glowing pool in the labratory not in his study. He will talk to the council and take the research quest item from you. After this he will talk to you and give you the quest again. The quest is instantly finished. But Arkemys dialog is stuck and will ask if you need directions to the Bekarnas tower. If you cheat and use giveitem ITEM_QUEST_Bekarna_Almanac you can give it to him. But then he will activate the pool again, keeps looking at it, but you can't interact with the pool (you get the message the pool is empty). So you can't get the next quest (most likely to find the book of storms, it is my first play through and have just found it randomly). By the way you can not finish the Bekarna quest without stealing from Arkemy first, even if it start when you find the researchs. I play very randomly and love explore before taking quests. It looks like this is a bit of gamebreaking for POE2. But the world is realy big and komplex, so you could expect a few bugs. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Take the quest the arch mages vault, don't do it, get ITEM_QUEST_Bekarna_Almanac , sneak into the mansion. (Sometimes a glitch happens and Arkemyr stands at the pool). Steal from the vault, return to the clay tablet to your client, get invited. Go into the mansion, Arkemyr is in the lab and talks to arch mage council instead of giving you the quest. You can not tell him you got the quest item. PS: My savegames (Ubuntu 16.04, no mods) are around 4MB in size. Please set a less strict upload maximum (maybe 5 MB?) for uploads in this forum.
  15. Hi, I'm doing tip of the spear and I'm trying to do it the "stealthy" way in where I arrange the deaths of the characters to look like accidents. I can kill the priest and the mystic just fine but I can't seem to poison the ranga with the infested koiki fruit, which I'm assuming I'm supposed to do by interacting with this fruit bowl in her room. Bowl and infested koiki: https://imgur.com/a/xBUnbx9 If this isn't a bug and I'm just doing the quest wrong please let me know.
  16. Hello! The other day, I encountered an issue that seems to have rendered the quest Bekarna's Folly impossible to complete. Description: After solving the constellation puzzle at the top of Bekarna's observatory, the planet diorama aligns and the outermost planet opens up, from which you are (seemingly?) supposed to take your quest reward. However, if you leave the map before taking the items, then return to the map, the diorama is no longer in its aligned state and you cannot put it back in such a state, as the controls have ceased to be interactable. This ultimately makes it impossible to complete the quest. Reproduction Steps: Having not yet solved the constellation puzzle, go to Bekarna's Observatory. Ascend the staircase inside the Observatory to go to the top of the tower map. Solve the constellation puzzle. Verify that the planetary diorama has entered its aligned and interactable state. Verify in your Journal that the quest has reached the appropriate state. The header should read "Retrieve Bekarna's Notes" and the body should read "After activating the orrery in Bekarna's observatory, the model of one of Eora's moons opened to reveal a hidden cache. Whatever Bekarna hid must be inside." Leave the map (go back inside the observatory). Return to the map. Observe that the planetary diorama is no longer aligned and cannot otherwise be interacted with in any way. Hopefully, this is just a simple matter of needing to set a persistent map state after the quest reaches a certain state!
  17. I noticed in past playthroughs that Orso always seems to win the duel even though (I think) it's supposed to be random who wins. So on my latest run through Neketaka I tried save scumming to see if Larro ever won without player intervention; he never did. I could believe that was intentional but on one run through the event I chose not to intervene when Orso tries to kill Larro and instead of Orso executing Larro, the outcome of the duel inexplicably reversed and Larro killed Orso instead. I'm currently playing on the beta branch (currently the same as live I think) and as far as I can tell, this bug only occurs when Orso tries to kill Larro and you've previously convinced them to fight to first blood. If it is a duel to the death then Orso kills Larro as expected and if you distract Orso so that Larro wins (when they're only fighting to first blood) then Larro will correctly choose to spare Orso if you don't intervene.
  18. I decided to go down into the old city in Neketaka Quite early and ended up exploring it quite thoroughly, at least up to getting the conch down there, and I ended up opening the hidden temple door and entering Delvers row that way. In short when I tried to start the Cornetts call quest from Dereo I got the option to show him the cornet I already had, he sent me back down to the temple to find some mosaic in a hidden temple, eventually I figured I needed both ,however, even with both cornets absolutely nothing happens when I walk around the old city ruins. I find a mural with 2 conches on it, I have exhausted every dialogue option with the woman Dereo sent and have walked along every possible inch of the ruins. I'm guessing that by opening the door from the wrong side before I got the quest it has bugged the quest. So I have had to backtrack about 4 hours..... Just thought I would put this up here in case other people have the same problem.
  19. Hi guys ! I didn't find a solution yet for this "bug" but i have finished the quest called Harsh medicine (i give the item to Pitli) but i still have the quest in my quest rapport (not achevied). Is it normal ? does someone have the same problem ? Thank you for your answers (and sorry for my english T_T)
  20. After having completed the Lighted Path and having saved the kid I went about doing other stuff for a few hours and then quit the game for the day. When I came back the following day the ship with the Lighted Path on it was back so I went over to it again and the whole crew and the kid were all dead. I figure the boat shouldn't have come back after I cleared it the first time.
  21. AR_2201_Huana_Ruins_One Baltia still appears in her initial spot in the grove even though she is now on my ship. I recruited her while I was doing The Last Sanctuary quest. Savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zjqv4oszddoqba/Baltia.zip?dl=0 output_log - Baltia.txt
  22. Once I reached the Inner Sanctum in the Drowned Barrows Nemnok is summoned. However, once he appears my only option is End Dialouge. Everyone in the room is blue and I can trigger another conversation. However my main option is to tell Nemnok that I am still searching for Grimories for him. I had no conversation on any quests for him, my quest still says deal with Kalli and Nemnok, and is not updated for me to search for anything. The only way I can get anything else to happen, is to take items from the chest under his statue, that are not marked as stealing but immediately turn everyone in the room hositle. My save game size is to large to attach, let me know if I can help further or if there is another way to attach my save game.
  23. I put myself in the GOG beta branch, so this could be something that the latest beta patch introduced. However, I have no frame of reference because I had not reached this stage of the quest until today. I am doing the The Lighted Path quest. I rather readily found Bosc's ship, boarded, took out the upper-deck crew then went down and managed to talk Bearn out of suicide. My quest updated to take Bearn to Hasongo. That was fine, but I wanted to take care of a few bounty quests nearby before making the journey, and I did so. Back in the Deadfire Archipelago map, I see a stationary Bosc's ship where I had previously boarded and rescued Bearn. If I board it, I am treated to what I presume happens if I took too long and everyone, Bearne included, committed suicide. Going below decks reveals the deceased Bearne (despite me rescuing him earlier) and completes the quest. This is not game-breaking, obviously, because I was able to reload from before I boarded the ship again and I was able to finish the quest in Hasongo (and the abandoned Bosc ship did disappear after that), but it is clearly not as intended.
  24. Hello Guys, as the title states, I would like to know if any of you have ever been able to kill this arch mage and his dragons. I mean, I killed Concelhauth (he was tough), Sefyra, Alpine Dragon, Sky Dragon, and some others. I almost dealt with every tough guy in the game except with this one, I'm heading to his lair and will attempt to kill them. Do you all have any advise, any suggestion? strategy?
  25. I received a quest A Cordial Invitation at Arkemyr's manor, but when I come to the manor, he and his servants immediately attack me. I can't complete the quest and I don't want to kill arkemyr (and I can't because he is too powerful) what can I do?
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