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  1. Is there a ''join us'' moment when it comes to the Principi so i can say ''no''? Cause i want to drain any many quests out of these factions as possible without joining any of them. EDIT: If i decide to join the Principi does nobody leave? You mention you fight some Huana leaders and others mention fighting Ruatai leaders with the Principi, so why does nobody leave during those events? There is a "I have the Fonferrus and return to Aeldys/Furrante" moment, which is the "join us" point. If you decide to join the Principi nobody leaves. You then sail through the storm and land on Ukuzi
  2. Well, it's not the fighting that I'm missing, but getting to know more about Ukaizo. The way it is now, you land, turn off the storms, have a chat with Eothas and bugger off again from this mythical place people have been talking about all over the Deadfire. At least being able to talk to the Guardian, or its soul, would have been nice. Or finding a secret library, some old texts in stone, or what have you.
  3. Well, they're not there in my game or do you need to start a completely new game for that?
  4. So this says you can hire legendary crew members at the Kraken's Eye, but where are they? You can't talk to anyone new, or recruit anyone new from the innkeeper interface?
  5. That's great I may lighten the hair somewhat, but that doesn't require actual skill. Thanks IC!
  6. I'm not all that drawn to a pure combat expansion, but are there any nice crew members in this DLC?
  7. I have this currently happening in the Hole inn, but also in the Luminous Bathhouse; switching out a party member makes them disappear. Their icon is still indicating they're somewhere outside, but it's impossible to leave the area with the 'you must gather your aprty before venturing forth' message, effectively leaving you stuck
  8. So... if we're not supposed to be able to talk to it, is there an option to find out more about Ukaizo lore? It seems so strange to be 'punished' for taking the less violent option.
  9. Oh, that would be great... finally having a proper convo portrait woud make me feel all warm and fuzzy Some very talented people here, I have no idea how you guys manage it.
  10. ...why do I discover this only now? Revisiting Baldur's Gate as well ( sort of), the slightly modified portrait I use for my Pale Elf. Someone wanna watercolor it?
  11. Well... yes, but that's not really what an RPG should be about, right? "You can only make this choice because the other one doesn't work."
  12. I read somewhere they should have been fixed, but in my latest game I recruited Vatnir and told the Harbingers to go home because their work was finished. The ending slides were the ones where Hafjorn leads them into being a fanatical sect and Vatnir didn't get mentioned at all. Not entirely fixed then?
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