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  1. Not sure that I would have much confidence in what director Castol of VTC has in developing the teleportation for the betterment of all people, nor the uplifting of populations as a whole. And as for the hopes of such an outcome, look what happened last time: a dozen or so Enguithans became our flawed gods while their civilization vanished.
  2. Personally, I didn't catch up that I was helping with assassinations until ending slides. But playing now I just can't help but see how shifty Maia is about this, she definitely knows where all of this is leading, and I just can't trust her anymore. I don't like companions using me for doing their dirty work while keeping me in the dark. One of the gods gives you a frank warning about this at your 1st scripted dialogue with Maia ..if you chose certain dialogue options with her.
  3. ah, okay. Ty for the reply. Would not have thought I should do anything with Ashen Maw to make him spawn at the palace. Was thinking his quest was going to be at the Half of the Unseen island south of Tikiwara island, so I purposefully left that island alone. Also, was planning to leave Ashen Maw alone for now to not advance the main storyline, but now I am considering doing it.
  4. I didnt know you could let him live. How does your char justify this to both Serafen and to Furrante, and does it let you still complete Blow the Man Down quest?
  5. ..... Yet when it came to me choosing sides, and I didn't chose hers, she left there and then. She said I can't expect her to go against her country. I tried to plead with her, but she wasn't having any of it. She was gone. I met here again on Ukaizo, at Hazanui's side, with red circle under her feet. I used Serafen's mind control to take her out of the fight, hoping she'll calm down once her side is beaten. I took out everyone else, then waited for the mind control to run out. Nothing - not a word, not a single comment. Just back to shooting at me. I send my party to take her down, and Eder landed a crit. Just like that, she just exploded into hundred bloody bits. I'm not actually criticising this. I genuinely felt bad about how things turned out, but I could understand why she did what she did, why I ended up staring down the barrel of her gun in the end. When that overkill animation kicked in, I felt sick there and then. Thing is, that was the only part of the final act that actually made me feel anything. Everything else rang all the more hollow because of that one organic moment; the final narration was droning on about Eothas punching a tower over and over, and I just kept thinking "I can't believe Maia's gone. There isn't even enough left to bury". When I replayed last act for the RDC path, nothing remotely close this impactful happened. The ending felt all the weaker for it. ...... Sorry but I heartily laughed at this part, yet, also cried a bit inside b/c I too chose the Maia romance. And mainly because her romance opening dialogue was so ..damn ..cool. And her storyline quest is damn cool too. It would be totally mortifying to meet her end like this!
  6. Hello, loving the game so far. Ran into my first snag, finding Captain Teryc Lofell to begin The Final Voyage quest. There is virtual nothing on the net about this NPC, other than that he is on the bridge to Hasanga Palace in Serpent Crown. However, he is not there. He is not on any bridge in Serpent Crown, nor is he in the palace either. Does anyone please know where Teryc Lofell is?
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