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  1. I noticed in past playthroughs that Orso always seems to win the duel even though (I think) it's supposed to be random who wins. So on my latest run through Neketaka I tried save scumming to see if Larro ever won without player intervention; he never did. I could believe that was intentional but on one run through the event I chose not to intervene when Orso tries to kill Larro and instead of Orso executing Larro, the outcome of the duel inexplicably reversed and Larro killed Orso instead. I'm currently playing on the beta branch (currently the same as live I think) and as far as I can tell, this bug only occurs when Orso tries to kill Larro and you've previously convinced them to fight to first blood. If it is a duel to the death then Orso kills Larro as expected and if you distract Orso so that Larro wins (when they're only fighting to first blood) then Larro will correctly choose to spare Orso if you don't intervene.
  2. I tried lowering the difficulty from Veteran to Normal because I was getting destroyed by all the rifles in boarding battles. Subsequently, when trying to reassign my crew to different positions during ship combat, the option to accept the new positions was always greyed out and unclickable. Reloading a save immediately before I changed the difficulty did not fix the problem but restarting the game did. After restarting I could reload a save from before or after the difficulty change without encountering the bug. While playing on veteran I encountered Beggar Winfrith just after the meeting with the gods on the way to Neketaka. I lost the boarding battle horribly so I reloaded the autosave from just after the gods convo and changed the difficulty down to normal. I then tried to fight Winfrith in a ship battle instead but found I couldn't reassign my crew to the cannons. I believe I initially changed the difficulty while I was on the world map rather than in my cabin but I'm not certain.
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