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  1. Yeah I rested a couple times but it doesn't go away
  2. I did the "A Glimpse Beyond" quest and now I'm stuck with the seemingly permanent "Burden of Memory" stat debuff. Has anyone encountered this and knows of a way to get rid of it? -2 might and resolve is a pretty hefty price to pay for something I did in the first game.
  3. I also vaguely remember some lore about how reincarnating in the same body with the same memories is a long lost ability of sufficiently powerful animancers. The only reason Thaos can do it is because he's been around so long.
  4. What confuses me about the people who dislike companion romances in their games is this, it's optional content. If you don't like romances then you don't have to do them. It doesn't make sense that people feel the need to enforce their ideas of what is fun on everyone else. If you happen to like romances in your games then that is perfectly okay.
  5. Honestly I'm optimistic about the relationships in the game, I felt the companions were interesting and well written in the first game. So fingers crossed
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