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  1. It does! I have been taking my time with the main story, and forgot that certain things may be gated by Hasongo. Thanks for the communication! You guys are the best.
  2. Good day! I am playing my second-ever playthrough (the first was during 1.0), and went a little off-sequence prior to going to Neketaka. Part of this entailed dealing with the Poko Kohara area before receiving either Terms of Trade or the Storms of Poko Kohara quests from questgivers. In my quest log, I show having completed The Storms of Poko Kohara. However, I neither see Terms of Trade nor can I pick it up. I did recruit Vektor after clearing Poko Kohara, and I gave Beza's pages to the Ranga and then took them back. I figured at some point after going to the Queen, the Director wou
  3. I am certain I am. While I wasn't yet tracking the data when I was going through WM1 content, I know that on my save file it is using the wiki. I read this line here: "Which item appears in a random loot container is not truly random, but depends on the day number of the current month of the in-game calendar (ie. not on a gameplay time), and is computed on first opening of the container (ie. not on first load of the map)" I'm reasonably far into the year, but I did some extra resting (still waiting on Helwax Mold so I figured why not) and tried the Iron Flail Fort book in WM2 on the 20th
  4. I think this is one of the ones I got screwed on by the "RNG" of not knowing which day has which item, according to the wiki. I guess I had a roughly 50% chance of getting them and got Deflection instead. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Random_loot#Durgan.27s_Battery I'm assuming that counts as the "NE armor rack in armory" lootable?
  5. I am struggling to find these gloves and found they are a random loot item according to the Pillars wiki. The wiki mentions that for each twenty-day month, the items are guaranteed to spawn on certain days and are computed on looting, not loading the map. I have tried in two places (I don't have a ton left to try) to obtain them by resting until the right time (the spawns in Cragholdt and Iron Flail Fort, to clarify), and the wiki information has been incorrect. Additionally, I have rested longer and tried to open the chests on other days and acquired the same item. Was there a change
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