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  1. Or at the very least leaving the door open for one in the future. While I enjoyed Deadfire it was very clearly setup for an eventual third game dealing with the aftermath of Eothas' actions.
  2. My main gripe with the game is the short and underwritten companion quests to be honest. They're promising enough mostly (though Tekehu doesn't seem to even have one, his development is just based on stuff with the Gullet it seems), but they end so quickly and abruptly. At least with Eder and Sagani's quests in the first game it felt like that abruptness and lack of closure was intentional, and it tied into the theme of them. Here it just kinda feels like I did a quick sidequest. I'd prefer less open world stuff with dungeons that have no real story if we got more developed companion quest
  3. My main hope is that they go back to hub areas and dungeons instead of an open world map. I feel like a lot of Deadfire's content is fetch quests and dungeons with no real story or meaning, just scattered on islands. It felt like I was wasting my time with filler content at times instead of doing actual interesting stuff. Also want to put in a vote for Ixamitl Plains because my Watcher is from there and I really like Orlans. EDIT: This is super minor but I'd like to be able to just click a button in character creation to make it automatically make your character look like your port
  4. I have a quest in my journal to turn into Prince Aruihi. The quest I can't remember the specific name of, but it was searching for the map to Ukaizo (that VTC members were already on the island searching for). However, I didn't do this quest until after I'd gone to speak with Queen Onekaza, and had the Maia ultimatum (unfortunately I didn't save before this, which was a mistake but also another reason for me to now do a second playthrough), where I decided not to side with the Huana. Now, the quest just sits in my journal, and wasn't cancelled by not siding with them, but if I speak to
  5. I think they're SUPPOSED to transfer after a moment later in the story. I know for a fact my luck talent from White March's minigames did transfer after the second conversation with Eothas, so I assume the other talents transfer later. I didn't see either in my game though, and I did have them on the import.
  6. Do you know if this will merely restore her on the beach, or set the state so that she's preserved as 'normal' fr the rest of the game? (As I understand it, she's also supposed to work as a crew member, but doesn't for anyone?) This command sets her variable to what it should be when you import a save having kept her. Everything should behave exactly the same from that point forward. Also, since you're only altering this one very specific variable, it shouldn't mess with anything else in the game. That being said, it is a debug command, so there is still the risk of something going wro
  7. Noticed a bug just recently after recruiting the five crewmembers from Port Maje. This has happened in two saves so far, both have Vela present (though she does not seem to have any unique dialogue on the ship, though that may be intentional, and does not function as a crew member (she can't be assigned to any stations and doesn't appear under Known Sailors)). I'm not sure if she's the cause of this issue since she was up on top of the deck speaking to Serafen when it happened.
  8. Using the in-game editor also caused the sword from the Paths to not appear, though the Yenwood one from the pot in Caed Nua's hall did. So my choices are between Vela who isn't functioning as a crew member properly and what's probably going to be a sweet-ass repaired sword.
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