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  1. Yes it would be great, especially since many things that are not-so-great in the base game work very well in turn-based and many things that are great in the base game become awful in turn-based.
  2. I would not call Priests weak, I just find them less exciting than the other available casters. Every time I try to fit a Priest in a new party I end up benching them in favour of a Cipher, Chanter or Wizard.
  3. Now that they are owned by Microsoft, I'm not convinced we'll ever get another PoE type of game. Microsoft seemingly wants to unify their gaming platform between the PC and their console. Old-school Isometric Role-playing games may often release on consoles nowadays but they still seem to be mostly aimed at the PC market. I doubt PoE shifted enough copies to convince Microsoft to invest money and recently acquired manpower in another PC-centric niche project when they could develop a more ubiquitous PC/Xbox game. If they ever make another "Eora game", it's probably going to be somethin
  4. As unlikely as a PoE 3 seems, I would like the Watcher's tale to continue (and hopefully end) if we ever get a third game. As much as I've hated the whole "chosen of the gods" narrative from PoE 2, the game pretty much ends on a cliffhanger and it would be very disappointing to see that cliffhanger go unresolved in a sequel. Ideally we could have gotten a more down-to-earth story from the start, I just can't stand "chosen/prophecy" type stories, they are so boring, unoriginal and lazy.
  5. I really wish they would stop adding sabres and start giving us more scepters, maces and the such. Not that I hate sabres or anything (and I understand that they fit the theme of the game very well) but we still have some weapon types with very few choices and these DLCs would be the ideal moment to add something to them.
  6. Yeah that's why Ghost Heart is the only Ranger I play nowadays, even if you invest in the numerous pet passives, it'll just get obliterated in PotD and you're debuffed for the whole fight.
  7. Hey guys, I've been having a very specific bug since release (and up to the new DLC's release) and I think I've finally identified why it's happening. Sometimes, when fighting enemies with charm abilities (such as Fampyrs) I've noticed that Chanter summons sometimes appear under the influence of the enemy for no apparent reason. After some testing, I think this only happens when your main character is himself under enemy influence (charmed/dominated) even though your Chanter is not : As you can see on this screenshot, my Wurms are somehow fighting for the other side even though th
  8. It takes a ton of skill points into their passives to make them more than a passing distraction for enemies and their pathfinding can be downright infuriating at times. I wish their passives were a little more focused and less all over the place, especially at low levels. Right now when you start the game with a Ranger, your skill page is pretty much 75% pet passives for the first few levels and it's kind of hard to see what's good and what's not in that whole mess. Not to mention the fact that passives are not exactly the most exciting things in which to invest. It really seems strang
  9. I really liked the fact that the fire giants at Ashen Maw treated me like an estranged cousin on my Fire Godike run. I wish there were more playable godikes, I'd love to play one from Rymrgand or Skaen.
  10. Any reason to end Xoti's existence is a good reason. Another thing that bugs me in the main quest is the fact that Eothas is so hell bent on revealing the true nature of the gods as if it would change anything. So your gods were "manufactured" thousands of years ago instead of just plopping out of nowhere eons ago : it doesn't change the fact that they're freaking gods, with godlike powers, that can inhabit a giant freaking unstoppable adra statue or drop a moon on your head if they don't like you. Being "real" gods or "manufactured" gods doesn't change the fact that Ondra quite ob
  11. I don't use armor on ranged characters, they're not supposed to get hit. Melee damage dealers usually get leather level armor and frontline tanks get breastplate level armor. I only use heavy armor on armored grace Fighters. I find the long recovery unbearable otherwise. I really wish there were high quality/unique cloth armor besides robes. I've had two main characters finish the game in common clothes so far because robes would ruin their look/theme.
  12. Just so you know "They Shielded Their Eyes Against the Fampyr's Gaze" will only downgrade their Dominating Gaze to a Charm so you will still lose control of your characters, they just won't use any special abilities.
  13. I did Serafen's personal quest at the very end of the game and when we got to Fort Deadlight he told me that "I know we're to confront Benwith but..." (or something to that effect) when I had killed Benwith six months or so earlier. There are a lot of inconsistencies of that type in the game.
  14. My main issue with the critical path is that I pretty much could have stayed in Port Maje, sipping piƱa coladas all day, and the end result would have been the same. Aside from a couple conversations with the gods where you get put back in your place any time you try to interject, there isn't too much of substance to actually achieve during the main plotline.
  15. Most likely yeah. I used the Blunderbuss modal (which inflicts Distracted on your character) to trigger the Streetfighter passive and it got cancelled whenever I used the Chanter chant that makes you resist Perception Afflictions.
  16. How do the companions react to a character that uses intimidation ? They mostly don't.
  17. The spiritual weapons are fine honestly (and they look pretty cool), it's just that you'll find unique weapons that are far more powerful pretty quick in the game. As for playing a melee priest, I found it pretty boring to be honest. They have some good spells but you rarely feel like you're doing yourself a favour by casting them in melee. I'd go with a multi-class in that case so that you'd get some fun melee focused abilities to use in combat, but to each their own honestly.
  18. My first run was as a Bleak Walker/Berserker and I did not feel "locked out" of anything. I just used Intimidation instead of Diplomacy and it turned out fine most of the time.
  19. As much as I enjoy Aloth, his inclusion in the game really does feel forced. The guy spent five years as some sort of spy and just happens to not only be in the region of the world you end up in but also on the very first island you visit. Eder's presence is a little more believable as it feels much less coincidental (even though his personal quest also feels really forced) and Pallegina's inclusion makes perfect sense. I understand the appeal of including characters from the first game, especially fan-favourites, but I don't think half of the "actual" companions should have been r
  20. Exactly, I don't even use shields and heavy armour anymore and my tank is still pretty much unkillable without any support. They need to take a hard look at skills before they even start retuning equipment. The real issue at the moment is that you have five difficulty settings to choose from if you want to be overpowered but none if you want a challenge or even a fair fight once you reach level 15+.
  21. Yeah, even without the obviously broken abilities, Chanter (and more specifically Troubadour) is probably one of the best if not the best class in the game as far as I'm concerned. Not only does it have great potential for damage, utility, summons and buffs/debuffs but it's also one of the most interactive classes in the game, making it impossible to "run out of juice" during a particularly long fight. It's an amazing single class and multi-classes well with pretty much everything. In fact, it's so good that I'm having trouble finding another class to main the game with after finishing
  22. Well you can't really expect anyone to be "good" when piracy, forced colonization, imperialism and a rigid caste system are involved.
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