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  1. Some great suggestions here! I think I'll steer towards being lore friendly over optimised for gameplay. So might end up slightly gimping in some cases. I think fighter will be a given. Just need to determine the focus of the other class. The rogue special attacks remind me a lot of the light attack tree in Witcher 3. For spell use, I'll only use those that are like aard, quen, igni, yerden, axii.
  2. I had this hard crash on my very first play through. I sided with Berath after that
  3. What is the reasoning behind Nalpazca Monk? Is it because of the drug use being similar to potions/decoctions?
  4. I'm after build help for a Geralt themed main player character. Race: Human (lore) or Pale Elf (for aesthetics/resistances) Class: Fighter/Wizard? or some other combo of martial and spell caster? Abilities: Really not sure...probably more DPS/offensive focused than tanking. This is the main area I need help with Skills: Not sure. Probably Diplomacy or Intimidate, Alchemy (lore), Insight? or some magical themed skills Weapons: Will be using Sword, Estoc, Greatsword Armour: Light or Medium (lore) and that's about as far as I've got...appreciate any advice on this buil
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