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  1. Apart from a couple of exceptions, negative relationship won't cause story companions to leave the party. In fact, it unlocks some very interesting dialogue, so I definitely recommend bringing them along instead of using custom adventurers. In fact, I wouldn't even take Xoti along all that often - if you're playing evil, what's better than having people calling you out for it, right? Any of the three faction companions (Pallegina, Maia and Serafen) may leave the party if you make a big choice against their faction, like supporting the wrong side in the final stages of the main quest.
  2. I've imported both kinds of saves, one where Pallegina fulfilled her orders, and another where she disobeyed. (I thought I was doing the Right Thing there by encouraging her to disobey, and was very happy to see that while the consequences to the Dyrwood were good, the personal consequences to Pallegina herself were terrible. Should've seen that coming, bravo Obsidian! ) Anyway, no, her personality doesn't change either way. She's much too bull-headed to have little things like being disgraced get in the way of doing what she thinks is right. Also, on my first playthrough, I had her and Tekehu in the party for quite a long while. It was great to see how they clashed, especially about what being a godlike meant to them. I thought one of them would surely leave the party... but was truly surprised and touched when they became, if not actual friends, at least people who respect each other. Another bravo for that last bit of banter dialogue.
  3. Game version: GOG RELEASE V1 DLCs installed: Vox Machina Pack, Gaun's Pledge Reproduction steps: 1. Start a new game (choose any options) 2. Proceed to conversation with Berath 3. Choose any history 4. Choose not to cooperate 5. Proceed through epilogue slides 6. After pressing continue on second epilogue slide, screen fades to black, then game crashes Repro rate: 3 out of 3 attempts Crash log and dump attached. No savegame as this happens before character creation. ... and yes, I'm aware that making this choice is supposed to end badly, just perhaps not quite in this way. crash.zip
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