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  1. Awesome for both update and the orge art! And Skuldr...I'd like to call it batman...
  2. prefer Ranger...Hunter somehow sounds limit the type of character in killing animals(personal opinion), but ranger would have me a wide choose of the paths of the character(skills/characteristic, I think)
  3. For me, I would like to say three of the factors is most important to me: story & world set, character system, combat system.
  4. Depends how the fate point system fit in, according to the original Arcanum, fate point is a good system to encourage you to deal with the quest in a different way(may be good or evil way). And the motivation is the big effect that the points takes. Plus, in Arcanum most of actions was held by your protagonist, in another case, Let's say "we", companions most like followers, them are not under your control, even when one of their skill is higher than you, sometime you still can't rely on they to steal something, convince someone and somehow pick some locks(according normally Virgil will fail
  5. Oh, Chris, you've just missed one side quest... And one suggestion is : TRY NOT CHALLENGE THOSE WOLVES ON THE WAY OUT OF THE CRASH PLACE AT THE EARLY TIME!!! (Actually, I killed all of them after I got full fellows, and at a really high level, yeah, just for vengeance - I'll be BACK!!! )
  6. Actually, in Arcanum, as well you could guide Virgil to the dark side...(Darth Vida! Huh, I mean Darth Vigi), even Virgil is not a totally good character...
  7. I think it should be a lower level of tech than Arcanum. Better like the Renaissance age tech or like the British Civil War time - basic gun powder and simple engineering. I prefer mix with a bit advanced communication tech(eg. telegraph in Arcanum, or some magic communication method).
  8. Great update! Just curious about the ranger, sharing the same health and stamina pool that doesn't matter, but if the ranger have to got a animal companion, there will make things bit different: Can I assume that there won't be any animal companions that would related to the storyline(eg. Dogmeat)? So if there was a ranger companion, he/she would bring an animal companion, as well? hmm...I think I saw a legion of animials(plus druid(druid: huh?me?))
  9. I love Arcanum's soundtrack. Some of the themes are insidiously catchy and using minimalist chamber arrangements is something I have never heard outside of games based on Agatha Christie novels. It gives the world an atmosphere all its own that makes it feel distinct from any other game, and it's a soundtrack I can listen to outside of the game as well (and do, frequently). I also liked the Arcanum soundtrack very much. If you (or anyone else) want to listen to more similar music, I highly recommend this: http://www.gregbartholomew.com/suiterazindex.html Well, I like all the Arcanu
  10. Morte, Virgil, Minsc, Annah, Magnus... Well, I just curious how mess and funny when Morte, Virgil and Minsc(Boo) being together...
  11. installn? Is that word mean installing? Can really understand the diagram......sigh (Oh, sorry, I'm off topic.)
  12. I'm not going to say the difference of reality and fiction. Just one thing, if you don't want the diabolic spell, you can just ignore any wizard or other spelll caster classes characters, and make a character which you can define into a personality that won't violate your rules, only get the companions that non-magic classes(Although it will be more difficult). Also, if you able to, you can just do solo. I don't think it's a good idea to get the unique request in the game, As it's not maked only for one kind of person(if it takes offence, I appologize). And the suggestion, however, it's re
  13. As I just could pick one, I choose the blog, but I more prefer the Update Style - Blog + Youtube, so we can have everything . PS: have to say it's bitter harder if not using the S/L method in Arcanum, as you may get killed only by your own critical miss.(For several times, I chopped myself into pieces...)
  14. To be a successor of a great game/people is always not such easy. First, I was so glad about their courage-it may be one of the most difficult things in the world that make a spiritual sequel of the PST.Then, talking about game, some ideas of world and the game setting is cool, although. But I still doubt how deep it would be on the philosophy side that compare with the depth of the PST, and how would it perform that(story,dialogue etc.) So I still hold a wait-and-see attitude to it, until more info coming, they are just preproducting,aren't they?
  15. well, I can't say much about the business and "border", it's bit complicated, just want to say you people are still lucky, if you are in China, you might totally know what the "border" means, Ha! Blast the Great Fire Wall.
  16. Yeah,that's why they called IT as "Information Tech", I thought. In the early year, we just got the info from paper, TV, radio etc. So that time is like the people are seeking information, and the limited ways of gathering info. But then we got internet and so far the mobile device, information now was coming to you, even you don't seek it positively.Still remeber when I was in high school, I bought a game magazine monthly just for a walkthrough or just 1 or 2 of the news, as we didn't get another ways to access it. But now days, I just go to a game website, I can got whatever I want. The sa
  17. Depends on the mood when I set my first character, for now, I've got two plan: 1. a neutral female Ranger with outstanding marksman and firearm skill. Less top sword and axe skills, with dual-wield, which provide a sword-axe mix melee fight style later. Not good, Not evil, just do what I think was the best. 2. That more depends how the game will allow me to, I really would have a priest of a good god, but doing the dirty and bad things, I've even prepare a name "Thoth-Amon"(Yeah, should be a wizard,but...) and pretend as the character has a Egyptian appearance, but I really don't know whe
  18. Yeah,that's right. I just thought what Osvir provide the homework is just a simple program, and I just considered it must be kind of win32 console application, so I just write like that. And if there was a database or some how the localised text file like you said, the way you suggested is absolutely better.
  19. I think it just should be a console application... so the code: #include stdio.h MenuFunc() { int nInput; int nState = 1; printf("***Menu***\n1. Monday\n2. Tuesday\n3. Wednesday\n4. Thursday\n5. Friday\n0. Abort\n"); while (nState != 0) { printf("Make your Choice:"); scanf("%d",&nInput); if (nInput>0&&nInput<6) { switch(nInput) { case 1: printf("Monday serves Roast Beef + Chocolate Croissant"); break; case 2: printf("Tuesday serves Red Wine Chicken with Oiled Bok choy")
  20. Normally, I'd press "Pause" before I leave, so I don't really care about it, but, if there must be one, an enviromental(I like the birds' idea) + Companions complain + Developer punishment would make bit fun, I think...
  21. Usually, I'll pick spell caster classes as my first choice, but this time, as I see the fire arms, ranger as the first! Fighter/Babarian? No, too muscular. Second would be chanter. Third comes the Priest, as I never play as a faithful character. Monk? Uh, I'll think about later...
  22. Have anyone played the pyongyang racer? A great game... (I mean seriously,really seriously ... )
  23. Well,it could be if your protagonist was dead, but you got other companions still breathing,the game will not be over, just use your companions who got resurrect skill to revive your character, or just grab your protagonist's body to the nearest temple (what? you mean how? just call a taxi, I mean, a cart or whatever, for a fee. Or make a item like strectcher which would be useful, when you got someone down...) Or you can make the dead protagonist's soul following your party(may give you some situation in some case...), until you got someone can revive him/her.
  24. I was just save my game when my party was in yuan-ti temple at IWD 2 yesterday, as you all know, then the tragedy happened... Sigh...
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