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  1. If they really want to regain their reputation, or make a...should I say good game, they need show more details of the game than others', and make a kickstarter funding, give the players who donated the money in a high level a promsied free copy, pledge goals etc... otherwise, all of things what their saying is very suspicious...
  2. huh...a good weapon when dealing with the annoying hair, eh, I mean heads.....
  3. Well, IMO, Ranger usually should be kind of a survival type warrior, and aside the D&D rules, I'd better ranger got non/low spellcasting skills. Let's talk about more commonly, for a ranger, normally, s/he should have either or both melee skill and archery - the basic point of survive. And a low/medium rank healing skill which not good as cleric and druids, and as a difference, normally, their healing need use some external materials, such as herbs, bandage,medicine etc. And not the spells. Which in the other hand, cause them had a good knowledge of herbalism(may as good as druid, or no
  4. Which you do know is a play off of Bill Gates right? Stole the technology of another, made millions? I love that game... Aye,and do never forget his competitor - Appleby, haha
  5. Galdur‘s Bate...somehow remind me Gillbert Bates of Arcanum.................
  6. The common reason is to play as a different people in a different world, have a different experience of stories or something others, say,I may be a knight till last month, but for this month, I am a "Living one" with a gun. Another is put character's of one game into another systems based game sometime may be fun. Than there also be some special reason and that was depended by some unanticipated features: like the world setting of Arcanum, maybe some combat systems, a good look 45 angle camera plus a fine UI, even a good look screenshot would made me just have a check...
  7. I d'like multiple ending due to the behaviors or actions you may have done during the process of the game,or also can be some "main" choice was made (for example: at the end you may choose stand with boss or with your companion, kind of that). But not to much, a number under 10 can be accepted. And maybe can do like arcanum's ending, introduce any place you've been, that how it became after your did something over there.
  8. Arcanum will be a game you are trying to find, just don't be so annoyed by its combat, and Planescape: Torment is also recommended if you got enough time and a heart of researching philosophy.
  9. yeah, really got some same as that time I hadn't got involved into the game industry. Got that thinking when I was in high school, that time in China the PC game was just become popular, and most families still haven't got computer, so did my family. The chances that I play the games is in others' home and internet bar. So when I at home I have to copy those games in a pen and paper version, such as Heroes of M & M and Civilization. And like most players, always got such "that could be better if put this in..." or "if that story could be..." thinking, then I decided to be a game designer
  10. It's really doesn't matter whether there is a mini-game or not. As my own, the only matter is does the mini game(s) fit into the game properly. Actually for RPGs, which may include the puzzles(like the lightning launcher puzzle in IWD, and Tulla Puzzle of Arcanum), and those puzzles IMO can be regard as mini-games, just without a performance, as basically RPGs are meant to be leveling up, combat, talking, whatever; and all are under a calculation. And a lockpick one may be works well as in the TES there was such a mini, but according to there should be a skill of lockpicking, the problem is
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