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  1. I'm hopeing to have my degree next May. Years ago, I left college thinking that a degree was too much of a pain to get. I had the problem of the classes not available when I needed them. And have now found that one of the doors that one can run into is a degree or not. Often it doesn't matter what the degree is in nearly as much as having one. - the next door has to do with if the degree is relavent, but that often isn't taken into account until after the initial interviews and there is a question of which person to hire. So, Hades don't worry about it. I actually know only a few people who work in a field that was covered by their degree in the first place
  2. Personally, I'm in favor of a seperate fora for PC spoilers and and for XBox spoilers. My reasoning is that (although people will post in the wrong place anyway), for those times when key strokes/buttons are needed, it will get really frustrating when people are talking different systems. -- just like with troubleshooting. However, for the reasons mentioned above, I think that keeping the storyline fora a joint effort is more than acceptable.
  3. although there are many threads in the Kotor2 forums, Obsidian is not set up to do a KotOR3, LA had started, but the last I heard the game has been shelved. I don't think that LA tends to visit this fora. They might .. and I mean might still be going into the KotOR2 forums. If you really want your opinions on the next game to mean anything a better place to discuss them would be the LA forums.
  4. people from obsidian do post on these boards, though they aren't seen in this forum as much as others. the guildmaster and feargus are two that I see posting in this forum from time to time.
  5. sorry to have missed this earlier. Moved to the correct fora.
  6. are you doing saves from time to time? or are you just expecting the xbox to do auto saves for you?
  7. I think this is a valid point. I also think that PC QA takes longer because there are more variations on compatibility to take into consideration.
  8. I'm going with option B. months ago, when the articles started coming out about the game is when the amnesia thing started, but it has been stated many times since then that the character doesn't have amnesia.
  9. I have closed the threads in the General forum and have started this one, as there could realistically be questions which are differences between the two games. I cannot promise that the Dev's will look at or respond to this thread, but at least it centralizes the questions for when they have a few minutes or a day to play on the boards. If you get upset because the dev's aren't answering your question, please look back at the other threads, as it might have been answered before. these are in the General forum: Questions to the Devs (the original) Questions the the Devs - Take 2 Questions to Devs, Take 3 Questions to Devs, Take 4 Questions to Devs, Take 5 If there are questions that didn't get answered from the previous threads, please feel free to restate them, or link the old question to this thread.
  10. 1. I don't know how fast the threads are going though the fourm... sorry. but if it isn't on the first page, try the second, especially if there are a lot of others on line. 2. this happens to me from time to time. I don't know what is going on, and usually by the time I can get it looked at, it is over.
  11. Some people just don't post in the correct forum. - I do have a sticky up telling people not to put things like "help, I'm stuck with Mira" -- but not everyone will read it. -- though that is still better than "help, I can't win the battle against [insert name]" the mods do try to keep the spoilers in the correct place, have the minor spoilers in sstory convo's blacked out, etc... but we can't always catch them fast enough. It really shouldn't be something we need to do, but ...
  12. Since the dev's aren't on as much as they had been, and the game is actually out, I'm thinking of closeing the thread, and taking it down... does anyone have a reason they want it to stay?
  13. looking at the shelves, I think that Lucas and MS wanted it out for a christmas release, because there just aren't many new games right now.
  14. we're looking into it. I don't know what the answer is in regards to the software though.
  15. enough people are commenting without using spoiler lines, and there are still many many people who want to be surprised when the games gets into their hands, that I am moving this to spoilers.
  16. I am trying to get the information posted. To answer the other question, yes, the publisher usually limits the size of the manuals. Their reasoning often isn't a good reason, but for the XBox game, it could truly be that they are trying to get the manual to fit in the box, which is smaller than the box that the PC game shows up in.
  17. welllll...... part has to do with people who have pcs wanting their own forums... so forums specifically for pcs and for xbox were created. the reason for a seperation of general and story and spoilers.... well, the general and spoilers is pretty self explanitory. The reason that story has its own has to do with the idea that story threads would end up in both forums, though not necessariily being a true spoiler or general information. - the story forum is more for talking about the world itself, maybe what happens in general terms on the various planets. - ya know, like the overview areas in the guides before they do the step by step walk through.
  18. so right! well, that and the shakeup from the changing of forums causes confusion, so we are trying to limit that. -- would it help everyone to have a sticky with a list of places to go when you have fanfic or want to read it?
  19. one thing that I would suggest is to look in the spoilers and story line forums, people have posted parts of the document there.
  20. I can feel your pain. I prefer to use Safari, but I can't use it for the most part on LA's website, because they are getting too fancy, and from home dialup is not an option for going into the website. I will however see what can be done to get these files for our posters.
  21. ohhh... I'm guessing you don't have flash on your computer? because the KOTOR2 site is all flash. is this the case? and how many others are having this problem?
  22. for this week, I wouldn't worry about it. Since the fora just went up yesterday, and there were threads moved over here from the general fora, having some threads that say "spoilers" isn't strange (not yet at least).
  23. I think I know what the problem might be, but nothing can be done until tomorrow. (its a guildmaster thing) thanks for the clarification
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