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  1. Force wave (pretty sure its light), u can wipe out about 8 guys by using it like twice. its crazy strong.
  2. well a question to whoever. are alot of the robes found randomly? like does stuff grnerate randomly in lockers. cause i went through the cave on korriban and checked everything, and found no robe, then the game froze and when i restarted and went back through the cave again, in a jar that i swear previously had a life support thingie, it now had a Matukai apprentice robe. so anyway if its random then giving locations for robes and such will probably only work for when its being sold at a shop. if its not random then u can find the Matakai apprentice robe in the cave on korriban in one of the j
  3. i think a cartoon would end up being lame, but a comic on the other hand would be bad ass. makes me womnder if there already is a kotor comic book, if not, then i think that could be a good thing!!
  4. u should use the search feature Craftsman, theres already a topic for this! http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?sh...pic=26532&st=60
  5. Totally!! it was so over the top cheesy i couldn't beleive it, and yeah to give goty to san andreas, over games like halo 2, and mgs3 is flat out disgusting! mgs3 is quite possibly the best game i think i have ever played. maybe second only to the orginal kotor!! anyway that spike tv awards show was a freaking joke!!
  6. yeah i haven't noticed any glitchy type stuff yet, in fact its been pretty bad ass. i had a lil choppiness in one of the fights in the beginning, but so far it seems to be an isolated incident. no real complaints from me. btw Bastilla Skywalker i saw your sigs u made at kotor.com! very nice!!
  7. really freakin weird man. i know im not losing it, and that it was absolutely not there earlier. originally when i made the topic, like 15 mins after i made it, it disappeared and ended up in the "is there gunna be a kotor 3" topic. So i had to make it again. and the whole search thing still doesn't work for me, and theres more..when i make a topic i get a error message(white page shows my post in window and says sorry there seems to be a problem with our databse, or some crap like that), but it says this all the time, for days now. so i still don't know what the hell is going on, sometimes my
  8. #1- where the hell did the kotor 3 suggestions topic that i made go to? #2- Everytime i try to search for it i get a forum error message, or any time i try to search for anything in here i get a forum error message. is this just me? once these get answered please feel free to delete this topic mods!
  9. well if kotor3 is on the next xbox, im sure more of everything won't be a problem at all!!
  10. Absolutely!! one thing that impressed me alot the first time i saw Star Wars was how they could convey such personality and emotion through a droid that doesn't talk. With just series of Beeeps, dwooops, and beeeboopbops, done in different tones, u could totally tell how R2(T3) were feeling. that imho is pretty cool, and was very innovative!!
  11. still suck?......i always liked T3, hes a lil bad ass, and just like R2 he has total personality!!
  12. it wouldn't have surprised me if they had added more to the face body customizing feature. its become such a big thing in gaming, and with other star wars games. i guess time was an issue so it didn't happen. im only about 9 hours into kotor 2, but so far i haven't heard of any reason why being a kel-dor would screw up t he story. but maybe it would and i just don't know that yet!
  13. all good suggestions, but these i really like!! indeed a space battle is a key ingredient to making a good SW game, movie, etc.. i think u may be on to something there about the return of revan, that would be too cool. if they did that then they need to have the original character face choices from kotor 1, but they should age them a lil. i really like the wedge type character showing up idea. have him show up unexpectedly in a space battle to be your wingman or something like that!! anyways cool suggestions!!
  14. i was hoping for the option to be a Kel Dor like Plo Koon. but no such luck. such is life!!
  15. yeah that was a trip. i hope they leave it this time. or maybe i accidentally did it. who knows. anyways.... Suggest away People, i am anxious to hear what u guys think should be improved or added, etc, etc....
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