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  1. Its been more than a month since the game came out. Other games that came out got patches already. Someone should take action lol
  2. I wonder when the patch will come, i also having crashes ie the error, especially in dantooine and now in korriban. ITs about time they get a patch. Its been a month since the game came out. Hello wake up already OBSIDIAN
  3. yup wonder wat is is for, and lol i doubt its for xbox, its says its for pc. heh So ya lol, i gonna find out how long will it take for the patch to come.
  4. Im on telos and had no bugs except for the airlock in Peragus when you walk outside, you walk fast or run.
  5. I got no crashes at all, i just started playing the game, had no problems installing too. have 2 bugs or few. (w00t) This is my PC Stats Pentium 3 866 mhz 512MB SDRAM 128MB G Force 4 Ti 4200 Direct X 9.0c
  6. I have a GForce 4 Ti 4200 and i may and will have problems with kotor 2. I had the problem wit kotor 1 the c++ error, but then i got the driver for my card and had no crashes. If i have crashes for kotor 2 i well let u know. right now im waitin for the patch, gonna install it 2mr and see if any problems and wat they are, i hope my pc doesnt get messed, if not, i will wait for the patch and my card will be smooth free.
  7. True we never saw a tv commercial for kotor 2, there was one for kotor. Well i gotta ask you guys a question. Which developer you think is good... either Bioware or Obsidian Entertainment? Be honest here. I think Bioware is good (w00t)
  8. DARTH RIKER KETRA Startts *moaning in pain and agony*
  9. ya dont have any idea why its happening. I run my resolution at 1024 by 768
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